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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Now If They Would Sign The Financial Against Women's Act

President Obama has signed into law the re-authorized Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The act, originally passed in 1994, provides federal funding for programs and research aimed at preventing and prosecuting domestic and sexual violence.  It's not as if Cosma wants something unique. She just wants justice other men get.

Before VAWA, society's response to domestic violence was basically to tell the guy to go walk around the block. The police will not change. They will continue to look the other way until a tragedy occurs.

While this law makes a national statement that "this is wrong, it's a crime, and we're going to talk about it and prosecute it," "It won't change," says Cosma, "not in Klamath Falls, Oregon". We'll see when she calls the Klamath County Code Enforcement to complain about mattresses and other filth and garbage left on the premises of her immediate residence. (A retaliation effort by Steve Jones, the landlord, who demands Cosma pay for the dent in her vehicle made by a menacing punk or else she will continue to suffer harassment)

While it seems the new provisions aim to protect Native American women and immigrants, statistics will continue to show fewer women reporting sexual assault to police. As for Cosma, the police and their menacing punks will end up in court when Cosma shreds the body of the next abusive punk in 50 pieces and sends each piece to each Secretary of State.

Finally, we will see whether any of the $659 million over five years for various programs that help prevent domestic violence and extending protections will help Cosma have justice at her trial when it comes to retrieving all the legal complaints filed in all the courts in all  the land for over 20 years describing emotional, physical, and financial abuse only to be dismissed by state and federal judges.

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