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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Do You Think Gay Men Would Allow This Kind Of Filth?

I was targeted by Klamath County Code Enforcement and was given citation after citation for "illegal camping".  Yet, the filth of heterosexual men (at least I think they were men. I would actually profile them to have penis') has been allowed all over Klamath County in Oregon.
Where did the vanishing bees go? http://herecomesthepopo.blogspot.com
Do you think a gay man would have this kind of filth in his back yard?  Only heterosexual men would allow pissing and shitting in the back yard.
The campaign has been over for about a year now. What does previous Klamath County Sheriff Evinger care?.
It really is amazing that people put their faces in the butts of other people. Smell it, you dirty fucks!

Study ties cancer deaths to alcohol? Then maybe you should have all the wineries in Napa shut down. Why do people jog on the main route where vehicles smog the roads? They are inhaling toxic fumes. Have you ever noticed the women with big breasts jogging without a sports bra? I have to drive myself to a remote area where I can walk to get my exercise. Except, the punks and hooligans have me pinned in where I can't drive my car without sustaining nail punctures to my tires, like on March 1st I got to change my best tire that cost me a fortune. 
I promote filth in Klamath County, Oregon

Reporting the criminal menacing once again failed to prove all the filth in my yard. When the police in Klamath Falls visit my residential grounds, they don't seem to see the accumulated filth that most men keep in their yards.  So what happens when the local police appear and witness all the filth? Not a thing. We don't have laws here for harassment and criminal menacing.  Ignored and waiting for menacing punks to accumulate their drug addicted filth along with the rest.  

I didn't win the write in or the election for sheriff. Now, I can't pilfer anymore of Kini's vehicles:(
I would have to agree with Mr. Morrissey on his article, 
I told my campaign manager to go pick up the signs but they don't like me anymore because I'm a loser!  Everybody throw your used condoms, cigarette boxes and butts, household garbage, and your women in this pile!
"If More Men Were Gay, There Would Be No Wars."  

I was targeted and received more citations for illegal camping then I can count. A really good judge may have determined that these actions were a bit harsh and threw them out.

 It's really amazing. I begged and cried to the landlord, Steve Jones, to keep his punk tenant from menacing me. This photo appears that he is cleaning the place? Nope. He is sitting in there intimidating me, extorting services from me. Men think women are to cater to their whims. This tenant gets constant help by others. Here the tenant is implying a form of extortion using an intimidating environment. What is the difference if he peaks in my window or sits there glaring? There is plenty of property to turn his vehicle.

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