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Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm On Strike Until The Conspiracy Of Oppression Let's Up

I have found that a majority of heterosexual I've encountered are men who are very violent toward women, especially gay women who they see as a threat to their fragile egos. They seem to detect when a female has more Y or X chromosomes. This wakes up their macho challenging image and nature. At times of survival for me, I have to Fem out or else I could get pulverized. Most of the time, I don't get to do the rugged stuff I love to do because I'm not surrounded with defensive mechanisms at all.

Heterosexual men also are more willing to cheat on their wives because of their violent nature. They will use their wives to try to get unmarried lesbians into bed. A gay woman piques the curiousity of heterosexual men to the point that the man becomes obsessed with trying to break her to the volley of his exploitation. I've seen a lot of pressure put on submissive wives to help accomplish this.  

Sometimes, when a bully-type woman detects a woman is susceptible to being used as an object of "favors" the more vulnerable one has no recourse to fling off the emotional war and her productive energy becomes drained.

I am a woman before my time and I still believe it will be generations until society evolves for the gay woman. I love to work hard and play hard. I always have. I am a small petite woman but there are a lot of things I do better than a man that enrage them. Sometimes the harassment and destructive nature is so unbearable that I become faint and just want to isolate and wait for death to hurry.  

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