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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Private Jails Have Been Used Forever

The government has been doing private jails forever. What they do is terrorize us with community bullies so you don't want to go out. This gives them time to steal you blind through some "legalized" objective

These psychopath judges can make you disappear for any little thing. They have made me disappear several times in the last 15 years while they use emotional and physical abuse.  Once law enforcement knows they can tramautize you, they use every dirty trick in the book to keep you traumatized. They lie to the community and act like they are helping us when in reality they use control methods for your every move and thought calling us "paranoid".

You could look at them and think, "these handsome fellas, no way." Yeah, well the German Nazi's and Gestapo also were clean and professional looking in their uniforms. It didn't stop them from calculated and cold-blooded murder because they got use to murdering just as it was an every day thing. After a day at work, brutalizing and murdering people, they went home and had dinner with their families just as though nothing ever happened.

To learn more about how American Nazi's operate
  see: http://nachash.blogspot.com 

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