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Monday, January 14, 2013

Mother Mary Full Of Grace...Make Us Into An Aryan Race

Christian Defense Lawyer’s Child Porn Conviction Involved Sex With Her 14 Year Old Daughter
The ADF spends a great deal of time working against the LGBT community and our right to marry, and is closely associated with people and groups that call gay people pedophiles, unfit to parent, and wage all sorts of heinous attacks on our community.  And yet, we have a lawyer associated with the ADF accused of (and now convicted of) egregious sexual acts — with her own daughter.

 I have come to the realization that churches are meant for one thing. Why else do these dufus looking bald headed men play kiddie games with little boys? I am beginning to believe that their claims against homosexuality/equal rights are a cover to distract everyone so they can fuck children. Why else would the church turn off the water so my horses can't drink? If the pastors are violent toward animals, what would make them any less violent toward their kiddies?

Jesus, Dear G-d:   Then we wonder why we don't go to church. Now, we wonder why we don't want to be lawyers. I can enlarge her photo and use it for dart practice. 

 I learned this from the Napa Police Department in Napa, California. Then, Sergeant Randy Bowman, the Jew, use to allow dart target practice using suspects.

The Christian anti-gay firm Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) will probably enlarge it to use as a worshiping device.  Can't you hear it now?  Mother Mary full of grace, turn this nation into an Aryan race!

I want to work hard and play hard. I love you, Jodie Foster! I'm only 6 years older than you. 

As we all know, as soon as the 6776 viewers, (mostly law enforcement, judges, and jury, church and community shit disturbing twerps,) see this, it will be considered a threat that I am yet stalking another female victim. My choices for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been confined to my bed until the U.S. Government hospitalizes me. All other male perpetrators and emotionally abusive psychopaths will be liberated. I must wait until death to be liberated from the American Nazi's!

As the owner of an elegant hotel and restaurant in Wannsee, Germany, remarked: “Everybody knows that the Jews control the American economy.”

"Well, yes. While you are drinking and partying, we are working to live a decent lifestyle. If you are jealous, fuck yourselves!" says Kini at Equestrian Travel Mall and Legal Services. "Moreover, the Jews are fighting for YOUR rights while other Jews are being neglected." To see how hatred has manifested itself into it's own anti-semitism, Click here

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