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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Please Help Me To Get Home!!!!!!

boo f@#king hoo... and the brass balls...What's a matter, don't you like to be tortured? Torture the son of a bitch. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK'N DAMN! What comes around goes around!  

While your hanging in there, let me tell you about the time I was in downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon:  The place I hate with every cell in my body.  EXCUSE ME....EXCUSE ME....SHUT YOUR MOUTH, STOP YOUR WHINING AND LISTEN! 

Anyway, there was this income tax class at St Paul's Episcopal Church at 801 Jefferson Street, Klamath Falls, OR.  I was so excited that I didn't even mind going downtown and running into Evelyn Oldenkamp the attorney at law who I sued for violating all my rights that caused me to walk miles in the winter freeze to feed my horses while living on the streets and suffering bloody pus ear infections. She then sent me to a mental institution for a dog scratch for three months regardless of the evidence being lodged in the Klamath County Court .


Anyway there was this AARP and IRS Tax Representative, Noah Cash, who was teaching the class. Yep, income tax on computers:)  Well, one day he invited himself to straddle my neck with his arms over my shoulders in order to point to information in my booklet. Noah had a pubic hair beard just like yours. He dangled it in my hair while leaning on me.

After that he asked to stay after hours until 20 updates downloaded on their computer. I was also reprimanded because I did not tell him when I walked out. So he deleted all my homework to discourage me from taking the required exam to retaliate. Then, he emailed me acting like nothing ever happened when I failed to continue the required course.

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