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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How The U.S. Government Coerces Matricide

Pay back is a bitch, Mom you shouldn't have taken my Godzilla away and given it to the little boy next door who had nothing because he was Napa Police Officer's grandson, Dave Slaight, who accepted gratuities from my mom! Pay back is a bitch, mom! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Equestrian-Travel-Mall-and-Legal-Services/188753521209199

While mom is at home being dragged through the mud, going to college, building a business, taking care of her sons, and the sperm donor out at bar, we still love our dad and has our full attention because he has a penis. Isn't that funny? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Equestrian-Travel-Mall-and-Legal-Services/188753521209199

We don't understand how mom can stalk our social worker when mom was in jail but whateverAll's I care about is getting my $20k and guaranteed monthly income for the next 15 years.

Mom buys all our toys while dad drinks all our toys. But that's okay because dad has a penis and he is the best sperm donor! Isn't that funny?  The Napa Police Department won't protect mom because mom is "crazy". Therefore, dad gets visitation effective immediately while mom gets to deal with menacing punks, mean misogynist men, shit disturbing twerps, Christian bigots, and landlords who don't know anything about it. Mom can just go hide under a bridge while the filth of humanity rape her continually. Isn't that funny? 

Mom, go take your medication because you are stalking us and have no right to call us your sons! TAKE US OFF YOUR FACEBOOK RIGHT NOW! NO ONE CARES!

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