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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Mom Gives Away Free Babies. Take A Tour

  There's a baby in the oven waiting just for you. It is  Christmas time and Hanukka time. We all know this means it is a time to exchange gifts. We at Equestrian Travel Mall and Legal Services have made it our duty to provide you with Caucasian, blue eyed, blond hair, babies. (Most are boys 0-3 years old. Girl babies are temporarily housed at http://9more2come.blogspot.com) This year, because we have done exceptionally well, we can provide you with a child at a discount price. 

Give A Baby To Someone You Love In The Spirit of the Holidays At Our Discount Prices!

After a child becomes 4 years of age, we must increase the price as they are then eligible to work, clean the house, and basically do whatever you want!  So, join us as we present to you the baby factory machines. Log on to your Facebook page and view the many boys willing to be your son.   Click here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Equestrian-Travel-Mall-and-Legal-Services/188753521209199

At Equestrian Travel Mall and Legal Services we strive for the best. We will show you how the job gets done. If you are unsatisfied we will refund your fee with no questions asked. 
Thanx again for considering our child adoption program and Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukka to everyone.

Act now and you'll receive a bonus pet.

Are you interested in earning a commission?  You can make up to $20k PLUS have a guaranteed income for 15 years.

Disclaimer:  In the event biological parents demand visitation, U.S. officials will claim they are profusely sorry. This can hold up the 
process momentarily. Soon after, however, it'll be back to business as usual.

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