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Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Down To YOUR Children Now!!

 President Obama: "Our hearts are broken."
Yep. I just bet they are. Sound familiar?  No?
How about this, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"  Does that ring a bell?

A chaotic scene as a gunman opened fire on students and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School in one of the deadliest school shootings in American history. 

The U.S. Government can use all the gun control they want. Then, it'll be something else. They will spend a fortune trying to figure it all out when all it will cost is a little justice for the downtrodden!

As soon as Americans wake their asses up they will realize the U.S. Government cannot abduct our children and get away with what they are doing to us. I can quote scripture after scripture, G-d will not listen to prayers of the people who do nothing about wickedness and the evil done to vulnerable, decent, and good people.  You just know they are going to make it worse by blaming it on the gays. 

            Sandy Hook shooting: Images of grief?

This is what happens when people ignore other people in their plaintiff cries. This has to happen to finally get their attention because no one cares about me or my children. But, G-d does!  And, He will go to the heart of America to break your hearts.

U.S. officials have pelted me with menacing punks, shit disturbing twerps, Christian bigots, mean misogynist men and corrupt judges. I've been bullied beyond human comprehension. I've been unlawfully evicted many times, my driver's license illegally suspended and they have ran me out of the states. They profiled me as a lesbian so American men could rape me straight. They have ruined my credit, taken my $100k rightfully inherited trust estate and all my vehicles. They have forced me to throw my personal belongings on the street in public view and have made me live on the streets in the winter knowing I'm dying from what they have done to me. They even sabotaged all my job opportunities.


They have threatened and injured my pets and are now in the process of making me desert my beloved horses I've managed to have for 12 years. They have arrested me arbitrarily and locked me up in mental institutions and declared me insane.  They told my brothers and family I am sex offender so I won't have a family.  They have even  denied me my religious preference. They falsified documents to libel me as an unfit mother. Here are photos when my sons were in my custody that prove I was a decent mother.


I am tired of being your human battering instrument. I am tired of male domination of my rightfully inherited trust that I will never see. I am tired of mean misogynist men who steal my possessions and hurt my animals. I am tired of them for abducting my children. I am tired of seeing women in the military raped. I am tired of their denigration of women. I am tired of their predators roaming around the street disguising themselves as priests, pastors, football coaches, government representatives. I am tired of living in the USA with absolute and petrifying fear. I am tired of hiding and running for my life like in WWII.  I am tired of men escaping the criminal justice system for heinous crimes against women!

Why haven't these courts been investigated for the lawlessness of their criminal activity? Why aren't these judges on trial for maliciously robbing me of my life?

They tell their police to tell me it's a civil matter when they want it to be. Otherwise, when it is a civil matter they treat me like this horrible criminal. They tell me if I don't like the way I'm being treated to move. That is always their statement to me. I now  choose to move out of the United States because I have written and emailed thousands of agencies over 20 years and not one has supported me or prompted an investigation.  I have not asked for hand outs. I have done most of the grueling court work myself. 

The United States of America has abandoned me for their American thugs to bury in the ground! U.S. officials have denied me access to their courts ignoring my claims (some uploaded at http://judiciary.zoomshare.com). My claims against the United States of America are beyond criminal.

Here is one of the latest weapons being used against me by the States of California and Oregon.


They have threatened and cornered me so I would be pushed into suicide that way the Inter-American Commission can skip over my case: Organization Of American States CASE NO.: P-878-09; ICC Communication OTP-CR-886/09

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