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Monday, December 17, 2012

Massive Shooting Must Be Dismissed Because It Is "Frivolous" Implies U.S. Officials

U.S. Officials will cheat in every way so you will not provide the truth in a jury trial. There is evidence on this blog post that U.S. officials intended to defraud me and cheat me of justice using depraved indifference.

U.S. Officials made all my legal activities everyone else is entitled to illegal. They sabotaged ALL my businesses. Said that it was illegal to leave a business card on someones car. 

(I didn't though) Libeled me and said I misrepresented myself as a police officer. I went to school to be a paralegal. I NEVER wanted to be an American cop especially now that I know they are nothing but filthy Nazi's. 
The U.S. Government is the biggest fraud and liars that ever existed. They are the biggest demonic criminals I've ever been exposed to next to the Nazi's. I hate this country and I don't give a fuck about any of their fucking kids. What are you going to do? Put me in a mental institute to make me give a shit? I went to every major newspaper in the United States and beyond. Even to many Connecticut newspapers. I sued Hartford Insurance because their punks  were menacing me and my Mustangs and dogs on Harlan Drive in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  They caused me massive injuries. They sent me to a mental institution because of a dog scratch. Even the "victim" didn't want to testify! 

No. Kini will pay the price because Kini is a human battering instrument

I asked my public pretender to show the jury the following documents to prove I did everything possible to stop my dog from becoming vicious. But, the cops encouraged them. My public defender refused because it would have made Judge Osborne look liable because she dismissed my restraining order and Judge Rambo dismissed my lawsuit against the landlord (Hartford Insurance) for harboring menacing punks. As a result, I was forced to spend three months in a mental institution for a dog scratch.



There was also a restraining order that was dismissed by Judge Osborne and Judge Richard Rambo

Listen to this Nazi. When will there be an investigation? In twenty years? Otherwise, I would not be sitting in this  fucking city sick!

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