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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Some Day People Will Realize...The Country Deserves Compromise Before Next Year
Kini can wait another 20 years
I love President Obama. He seems so sincere. He knows the hearts of people and he knows that it's not about guns but about the Bullies of this country. Who cares if he and Holden sold assault weapons to Mexico. But, populous demands that he does something about this incident because "We Want Something Done Right Now!" 

Someday people will realize that when you curse someone with the most horrendous of evil, what comes around goes around. Then, they will wake up and realize it is not about guns because anyone who sets their mind to can cause just as much devastation as anything else. What a waste of time this is for the president. 

If people only treated other people with common decency like other countries do, we wouldn't have to worry about "guns".  Now, can someone roll me over, I'm getting bed sores because the U.S. Government is busy trying to protect every one from me and I'm being confined due to their threats and terrorism. When they run out of tax payer money they'll move me to a mental institution. That's okay, G-d said "What comes around, goes around" over 200 times.  So, I'll sit here and listen to the man next door call some woman a bitch and for her to get out of the house at 3:30 a.m.

Sadly, I Get Along Better With People Now That I'm A Bitch From Hell
I AM no longer an Executive Secretary

There are many computer nerds who can testify to horrific bullying: Torture they had to endure while in school. Bullying that can push them over the edge. I was just reading a facebook friend's long experience with bullying, physical and mental abuse and harassment. Too bad I lost my connection to facebook and could not find the posting on my home page. It must have been removed. Although in the Connecticut case the shooter may have been bullied --we don't know that -- if it was true he should have gone after the bullies and not children. I know an adoptee who was biracial half Caucasian and half Spanish who was bullied so bad in school in Long Island that she had to eat her lunch in the bathroom.

         Anonymous: When you've been pushed around so much you learn how to stand up for yourself and no one can keep you from Speaking out!
        Kini Cosma Now, my sons are bullying me because that is what they learned about the treatment of human beings. After I told them it's taking more than 20 years to battle my civil and human right violations taking them to the highest court in the land, they invited my former alcoholic husband to be their "dad" while I should "take them off my facebook page because I abandoned them." Yep. They play ditch mom and she should "go fuck herself".

         Anonymous2: arnold swartzeneggar got away with it cos he was a movie star as simple as that. Movies dont make killers a persons inner being does. if people lived the way they should and raise their children how they should things would be different.

        Kini Cosma: I use to read Dr. Suess to them when they were newborns in the crib. I tried to bring them into a cultured environment. I loved my sons more than anything while their dad was out at bars spending all his money on drinks for his friends, I was busy spending my money on their toys. So, my sons learned who to glorify.
     Anonymous3:  Remember, one of the first things the Nazis did was take away gun rights
    Anonymous4: If they build camps  I want to be the operator of one
        Kini Cosma:   Good for you, ... You've been researching the Holocaust! There are many, many, many...similarities. First it starts with a few laws within a span of time. Then, more until it becomes a full blown Holocaust. I can see how the U.S. is turning in to one but no one else can because World War II didn't apply to them.
        Kini Cosma They violate our rights, turn people against us, then say we are paranoid, then take our children...Who are you going to believe? The leaders!
        Kini Cosma If you want to standup and survive bullies, listen to Holocaust survivor Kristine Keren, Ellen Brandt, Jack Kagan, Sally Roisman, Ursula Levy, etc. The testimonies are never-ending and very good therapy for me.
     Anonymous:  A New Chapter in Adoption History: For Millions of People, the Internet is Changing... Everything
    Social media, search engines, blogs, and an array of other modern communications tools, all facilitated by the Internet, are transforming adoption practices and challenging laws and policies.
        Kini Cosma I know the Internet is changing everything. I was tackling civil and human right violations because that is the best I'm at. Then, one day, I looked up and saw so many adoptees trying to change system. I am so very proud of them because I was so busy suing police brutality. Then I realized, the police are incapable of being human, treating humans with decency.  It will always be hard for me to believe so I keep watching Holocaust programs.

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