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Monday, September 17, 2012


Do you know why Christians are called "gentiles"? Because they are always thinking about their genitals. Why else would they make a big deal out of same-sex-marriages?

Doesn't the church teach you to treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated?  Because if that is the case they must want to feel like the victim of a psychopath.

Why else do they want to have the living day lights sued out of them? 


DATE: AUGUST 25, 2012

Petitioner has maintained her three Mustang horses, two which were adopted through the Bureau Of Land Management for over twelve years while battling for civil and human right violations. These violations have constrained petitioner to walk miles in severe snow and freezing temperatures to provide health care, feed, and water during times when she was ill (bleeding ear infections, untreated hyperthyroidism, muscular pain in disintegrating vertebrae discs).

On June 4th 2012, Petitioner was physically and emotionally exhausted from relocating to a residential housing area. Petitioner has been homeless for more than four years living with health deprivations. Previous acts of dehumanization led to events starting on June 9th (Saturday) 2012. While petitioner was working on a corral fence line, petitioner noticed Tim Kee's two teenage sons who appeared to be yelling verbals words toward petitioner. Barely audible, she heard, "Let me out! Let me out!"

While getting ready to leave, petitioner was moving a small freezer when she found the barn door locked and the Kee's gone. Petitioner kicked open the door severely injuring her back. This created throbbing pain for several days.

Taking all day to securing her front residential trailer door, on June 10th, petitioner went to the barn to attend to her Mustangs. The area needed for access was flooded with water creating a hardship for the health of petitioner and her mustangs. Tim Kee was irrigating the pasture closer to the barn area need for petitioners mustangs. 

There are 6 acres of pasture needing priority.

When confronting Robin Lee and Tim Kee on June 11th regarding their disrespect for the property of others, they became hostile phoning the police to intervene. I also phoned the police to take a property damage report an hour earlier.

Flagging the officer upon arrival, he took a short statement from me. He asked me what he wanted me to do and pronounced that he "arrests people" and whether or not I wanted someone arrested. When I said no but demanded a property damage report, he said there was nothing he could do about the irrigating issue ignoring the fact that the flooding was deliberate and malicious to harass petitioner and her mustangs. The officer then continued the conversation on his cell phone with Robin Lee and Tim Kee while I was detained.

Again, demanding a property damage report to be investigated at the barn which included flooding in my area, he refused and told me if I didn't like the way I was being treated "to move". He also informed me that the Church was going to do something to prevent my access to activities others on the farm are entitled to regardless as to whether or not I was paying for leasing the area.

The officer informed me I could no longer have access to the front of the barn but must go to the back area to access my horses. And, to leave THEIR things alone. He threatened me by indicating, any other access would be "trespassing" and I would be subject to arrest.

There have been several years of petty psychological abuse that includes continually placing wheel barrows in my walkway so that the handles injure my private parts, putting water in the hose after the boys told me the hose was frozen. For years, in the winter, I immaculately drain the hoses after watering my horses in the winter just for the very reason that the hose freezes up. The water was shut on and off through the main switch line then justifying it with the fact that the water looses pressure. It never happened in previous years when I first arrived.

There were a lot of good faith actions I have taken in the course of my tenancy: I gave $20 to Robin for Christmas one year. I paid $50 when someone was directing me and I ran over one of their bicycles. I paid $100 to Robin for caring for my horses one of the times I was abducted by the police, then, only to find out from a prominent citizen that one of my horses almost foundered herself to death during my forced disappearance. Robin was aware that the horse had this problem and for this reason I have kept her on a constrained diet.

After August 21, 2012, when I gave the Living Faith Fellowship (herein referred to as the “church”)  at 4549 Homedale, Klamath Falls, Oregon, a copy of a bill(s) (
http://judiciary.zoomshare.com/files/MARGRET-BILL.pdf) intended for controlling the livestock owned by other tenants running loose on the area I use for feeding and training my livestock, the tenants and church placed a lock on my access area. 
Neighbors horse getting ready to break through my fence. Professed Christian Tim Kee and his wife lied to me numerous times telling me they would turn on the switch to the fence to stop the horses from venturing into my area.
Margrets horse in my area starting a fight with my Mustang so that my horse
will get injured in the barbed wire fence
One time Margret neglected her horse and he got all cut up in barbed wire. Very sad and bloody mess. They can afford vet bills. I can't!
Margret gets treated favorably. See her fence.
See my fence. I can't seem to fix it because the professed Christians make my life a living hell.
Who else wants a Christian favor?
Other tenants have access to their livestock. And, I again have had to plead and 
grovel repeatedly that I have been homeless for four years and just recently in June 2012 located to a residential area. After much discussion of my health breakdown, the church indicated that the elders were having a meeting and would discuss how everyone could have peace by turning on the switch to the electric box. I never received a call back and access to my area has been blocked with a lock so that I cannot check on, feed, care, or water, my livestock. I don't understand why the unnecessary harassment won't just stop.
Previously, the Klamath County Sheriff's Department had illegally confiscated my farm device. And, Klamath County Court Judge Wogan has violated my civil and human rights by sending me to a mental institution for a dog scratch when I demanded legal pleadings filed in other case(s), to be used as mitigating extrinsic evidence in a jury trial to prove I did everything possible to prevent the dog from becoming vicious as a result of menacing neighbor hooligans who forced me to live in a hostile environment.

Wogan also misplaced some of my organized legal proceedings of a complaint-summary judgment in Kini Cosma vs. Fritz Hoehn. (All papers were submitted to the Inter-American court in a timely and orderly fashion). Again, another business-farm vehicle was pilfered by the courts.

The terror and physical and emotional abuse and the relentless dispassionate treatment and oppression petitioner has suffered by California and Oregon officials and this "Christian" family have been recorded since the last 2 1/2 years. Petitioner's dehumanization has become normalized for inhumane policies and decisions to be justified. For only when people are dehumanized can they be viewed in the eyes of the law as less than human, as less deserving of their full human rights.
Creepy Spy
As a result of this humiliation: calling officers who abuse their powers resulting in blatant gender and sexual orientation bias and discrimination to deny access to services others are entitled to, petitioner brings this action under the ADA and Rehabilitation Act.


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