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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Young Man Who Loves The Law

September 6, 2012

Honorable Members
of the Inter-American
Commission on
Human Rights, Organization
of American States
Case No.: P-878-09

Dear Honorable Members:

Thanx so much for having concern about violence against women, violence against LGBT and other minorities. As you know, I have been profiled as being a lesbian for which I have suffered innumerable injustices for which I have had no access to any court. The physical and psychological violence and torture, and the removal of my two sons without my consent has been intolerable. I have had some comfort from my mustang horses that have made life somewhat bearable.

During a time while I was arbitrarily arrested and confined in a mental institution for three months, I filed a lawsuit and defended myself asking one Oregon court to recognize and acknowledge that my livestock were not only needed for my profession (horse shoeing and trimming), but that they were also very much comfort for my needed companionship. They have helped soothe my emotional outrage from the civil and human right violations.

They have been very instrumental as therapeutic tools especially due to the grievous loss of my children. My mustangs have given me somewhat of a motherly purpose to care, feed, and water them. They have helped me with depression and have given me a reason to wake up in the morning.

Unfortunately, for the last few years, I feel as though the people in my community are thwarting my efforts and adding additional frustration to this purpose. The most recent incidents are that I am being locked out and discriminated because I won't slave for the other people who have horses. Or, they envy too much and they are uncontrolled in their actions and non-actions. This has cost me an unreasonable amount of money for their unneccessary actions.

Because of your concern for me and my children I have attached photos of my children for you to see who they are and who I am.

Thanx for your immediate assistance and attention,

Kini Cosma
P.O. Box 7918
Klamath Falls, Or 97602
(541) 880-4534

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