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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Stress, You'll Get Use To Finger-Rapes

     No doubt, the most ignorant people must live in Klamath Falls, Oregon. You can feel the intimate grip of their ancient way of life if you go to their local courthouse. The judges and lawyers step all over everybody's rights because they are not use to anyone knowing they have rights.

     When I got stranded here over eight years ago, I should have realized it when arriving off U.S. interstate 97. The first public agency was Klamath Community College. If I would have stopped and previewed their school, I would have had a clue when only a few good classes were offered. 
     If you are a single woman in Klamath Falls, Oregon, you are vulnerable to severe oppression attacking you at all sides. If you aren't fucking a man (excuse my potty mouth), you are deemed to be, "one of those".  This entitles the community to harass you. This, they reckon, will drive you into the open arms of some hairy man to protect you.

     While agitators lure you to their potential jailers or prosecutors, trafficked women in Klamath Falls may be able to escape the situations with very few possessions while toiling away in modern day slavery. Doing menial jobs that are physically exhausting only for neighbors to take the credit saying they helped or did the job themselves assists them to receive pay like the unlawful eviction of my five year contract on Harlan Drive.

     As a result of the horrendous civil and human right abuses, the baggage becomes too much for friends, neighbors, or other acquintances. This drives them to stay clear from you. You'll find most of the activities you do are by yourself because no one wants to associate with you. This leaves you open to vulnerability to all kinds of situations.

     When you have a conversation, they make you feel you are wasting their time and must pay in some way. Charging rent, running you out, then claiming you did not pay rent is a common occurrence in Klamath Falls  (many claim the law is on the side of the tenant).  Eager to exploit you to find out where your income is coming from, neighbors are eager to help, then make you feel obligated, owing them.     

     In Klamath Falls, Oregon, you will not be free to to realize your God-given potential.  If you have BLM mustangs, neighbors and other community members will frustrate your purpose so you'll get rid of them, have more money for beer and cigarettes, tithings...
     The jealousy is astounding and if you own horses, you get bashed. If you are skinny, you get bashed. Once I was persuaded by a female teacher to move and bring my horses out to the country, abandoning me, then creating legal problems because I wouldn't fuck her brother. Yep. A single woman can be perceived as being "bisexual". Dodging those kinds of people are always fun. Having to spend more money on fuel to take the long way around. Walking miles out of the way to avoid punks and brats you've sued for selling bunk vehicles make it really challenging especially when the judges deliberately loose your legal documents.(the Inter-American Commission has the full, organized, set of document in their file)

      While the hostile conditions of punishment bring about new problems -- trauma and depression, others are there to provoke fights then calling the police on you to make the cycle of abuse exciting.  You may not have witnesses, but you can always sense neighbors trying to match you up with someone because they perceive you are lonely.

     As time moves on, the more aware they become, however vaguely, of your immediate vulnerability, the more trapped you feel making you fearful as though you need a man to protect you. 


Want To Start Celebrating America's Birthday Early?

     Our rising menace seems to be enumerating other acts of violence too. Did everybody catch that?  On April, 3rd 2012 the Supreme Court has ruled, that an American can be strip searched for a crime as simple as jaywalking.  Reminds me of when I was a child playing musical chairs. Random seating if you get the chair. How many Americans are "anally" detained?

     Now is the time to stay at home on your couch, eat bon bons and watch TV until you become obese. It may very well save your sanity if you want to avoid being finger-raped by your helpful local cops and curiosity seekers. I just knew I always wanted to be a cop/OBGYN.


        For more premeditated actions for murder, ignored and dismissed as, "frivolous", see http://judiciary.zoomshare.com.  Lighten up and listen to Yanni as you explore the perversion of justice now facing America.

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