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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slavery Survey

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In the days when I rode a 750 V45 Honda motorcycle, I'd drive over from the Oakland skyline hills to the San Francisco gay bars. Even though I was 18, I'd sneak into  A Little More, Pegs Place, Trocadero Transfer, The Page,  and Castro Street events. The evenings were spent observing couples and searching for a single one. Promiscuity irked me because I am a germ freak. This phobia always stopped me in my tracks and I wondered whether anyone was worthy of faithfulness. 
I had a sissy bar and farring with leg pegs

I never did Dikes On Bikes but I was certainly at the parade every year. The times were safe: hatred and homophobia obsolete. The jokes and pranks I was involved in were not the same as what straight people do to each other today. The worse was when I often accompanied my two 21 year old 6'4" drag queen friends to Polk Street where they would try and seduce men. We would find ourselves running down the street screaming because the guys were after us. Yeah. That was scary. 
Kini and Debbie, rich lesbos

Well, it's that time again: The San Francisco Pride 2012

I no longer enjoy the loud sirens, flashing lights accompanied by uniformed police officers, cheerleaders and politicians who march in San Francisco's gay pride parade because of the serious and disturbing nature of my human rights violations. But, you can send your favorite Pride photos from this year or years past by clicking here!

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