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Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Pope Says American Nuns Too Focused On Poor, 
Not Enough On Gay Bashing 
by Jessica Pieklo

The Vatican has turned its fury toward the nation’s largest and most influential group of Catholic nuns accusing them of promoting “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith” for questioning the church’s stance on homosexuality and male-only priesthood.

The group was also punished for focusing too much on poverty and economic justice while keeping “silent” on abortion and same-sex marriage.

The New York Times reports that the Vatican has appointed an American bishop to “rein in” the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. The sisters were also reprimanded for making public statements disagreeing with the bishops over their attacks on health care reform.

The conference is an umbrella organization of women’s religious communities with approximately 1500 members who represent 80 percent of the Catholic sisters in the United States. It was formed in 1956 at the Vatican’s request and answers directly to the Vatican.

News of the reprimand took the sisters by surprised. Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of Network, a Catholic social justice lobby stood strong and insisted the nuns were doing nothing wrong. “I would imagine that it was our health care letter that made them mad,” Sister Campbell said. “We haven’t violated any teaching, we have just been raising questions and interpreting politics.”

Because the nuns had the audacity to challenge Pope Benedict XVI and the bishops they will now be required to pre-clear any speakers or information supplied to the public. It’s part of an ongoing inquisition launched by the Pope into the activities of American nuns and religious communities making it crystal clear that the leadership of the Catholic church believes its faith has no place for women of independent minds.
Comment from my secret  friend:

I had similar dialog with my father and his wife from 1986 through 2009... and in 2011 I STOOD UP AND GAVE THEM THE EDUCATION of a LIFETIME.. and told them "FUCK YOU FATHER" and your "SMALL MINDDEDNESS".. You want me to respect your wife? You must respect my husband. I'll only show your wife the level of respect that you show my husband.... and what you show my son... I am sick an tired of bending over backward for you only for you to slap me in the face. Deal with it.. or piss off." 

Now if I can tell my own father that.. I can tell any right wing piece of crap that.  I am human... My partner and husband is human.. our son is human and we deserve to be treated with the love the Jesus would have shown us. Never tell me any of your old testament CRAP or I will only show you what a hypocrite you are. I've stood up to my own FATHER... and he's backed off... Will you stand up? Will you own who you are?  Be yourself and know that if you truly love yourself... you are blessed beyond boundaries.

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