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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Which Is The Most Serious Threat To Humanity’s Future?


Which is the most serious threat to humanity’s future?

Child protection services all over the country are "legally" abducting our children. Social workers are 

fraudulently depriving parents of their children at alarming rate.  Their acts of violating 
civil and human rights are despicable!  Listen to hundreds of stories. 

Teaching children hatred
Narcissisim, social paths, psychopathic traits, debt, financial abuse, callousness, lack of empathy or concern for others’ feelings or problems, lack of guilt or remorse about the negative or harmful effects of one’s actions on others, exploitative, aggression, being mean, cruel, or cold-heartedness; verbally, relationally, or physically abusive; humiliating and demeaning of others; willingly and willfully engaging in acts of violence against persons and objects; active and open belligerence or vengeful; using dominance and intimidation to control others, manipulative, the use of cunning, craft, or subterfuge to influence or control others; casual use of others to one’s own advantage; use of seduction, charm, ingratiation to achieve one’s own end, hostility, irritability hot tempered, unfriendly, rude, surly, or nasty; responding angrily to minor slights and insults, deceitfulness, dishonesty, untruthfulness or fabrication when relating events; misrepresentation of self; fraudulence, vanity, boastfulness, exaggeration of one’s achievements and abilities; self-centered, feeling and acting entitled, believing that one deserves only the best; preoccupation with having unlimited success, irresponsibility, disregard for, or failure to honor, financial and other obligations or commitments; lack of respect and follow through on agreements and promises; unreliability; carelessness with own and/or others’ possessions, child stealers, human trafficking, fraud, greed, slavery, economic injustice, adultery, thievery, murder,  animal abuse, terrorist threats, cell phone invasion, wasteful spending, purchasing violations, error-prone accounting and shoddy oversight, running women out on the street, cultivating prostitutes, unsolved homicides, trading sex for survival needs, withholding exculpatory evidence, manufactured and presented perjured testimony, acquire hatred, defiance, rebellion, verbal abuse, bigotry, blind extremists, oppressive regimes, intimidation, HOMOSEXUALITY?  GAY MARRIAGE EQUALITY? sexist, racist homophobic, elitist organizations in the world, physical abuse, arrogance, torture, blatant discrimination, malicious prosecutions, judicial impropriety, malfeasance, criminal slander and libel, corporate greed, loss of consortium, retaliation, isolation, abandonment, and neglect, blasphemy, haughty eyes lustful, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers, gossiping busybodies, global warming, adultery, murder, wrongful convictions, police brutality, judicial abuse, harassment from punks, hooligans, informants and those of low mental acumen, and common banality, grand-theft larceny, unfair competition, larceny driven society, poverty, institutions that systematically and repeatedly ignore rampant sexual harassment and rape, failing to prosecute and punish those who commit horrendous breaches of the constitution claiming “immunity”, deliberately dehumanizing women, sweeping and covering up high crimes and misdemeanors, bribery, treason, abuse of power, false hope, manipulative tactics of abuse, inheritance and trust embezzlement, false reports, racketeering, alcoholism, homelessness, legal and medical misdiagnoses and malpractice, excessive force, racial profiling, using psychiatric diagnoses to oust sexual assault victims and other victims who complain of mistreatment, etc, assaults, exploitation, forced labor, campaigns of insults and intimidation, taunts and threats to stir up hate anonymously, being spied upon, stopped, questioned, arbitrarily detained and subjected to unfair police scrutiny, being stabbed with verbal abuse, involuntary servitude, coercion,  substandard housing, creating irreparable damage to relationships, domestic terrorism, ...wielding great influence and power to do any of the above.

On March 7, 2012, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon delivered a historic speech asking countries around the world to decriminalize same sex relationships, and end discrimination of LGBT people. The response at the UN? A handful of delegates stormed out of the meeting in protest.
Psychotropic medication not included
Robertson truly outdid himself when he proposed that homosexuality is related to a type of "demonic possession."

 While mainstream agencies in public education are working very hard to promote anti-bully campaigns to stop teenage suicides, Bible bashing thugs who enjoy hazing and bantering are teaching adopted children how to be bullies. Yet, Christian bible-thumping fanatics, are being allowed to use their children to aggravate vulnerable women using bully techniques to promote their obsessed cause.

Advocates against hate crimes of violence against the LGBTQ community have been legendary, inspiring many gays and lesbians to resist the damnation cynical religious leaders wish on them. Yet, there is a small group unaware of public policy. These are the kids who are home schooled. Their parents protect them from the outside world and what goes on in these homes are "private".  Private abuse... are these the ones who are going to have a difficult time adjusting to adulthood.

These hypocrites who forget the weightier crimes against humanity, in Matthew 10:1-15, cf. Luke 10:1-12, Jesus declares certain cities more damnable than Sodom and Gomorrah: "And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomor'rah than for that town."
UP... UP... UP...UP... UP... UP...UP... UP... 
Controversy: 'I Did Not Attack Christianity. I Attacked Hypocrisy
'     The Family Research Council vice President Rob Schwarzwalder called for a boycott of Starbucks and warned that the company may be endangering the country’s economic health by supporting marriage equality in Washington. “By supporting a movement that would further vitiate the already weakened family unit,” Schwarzwalder wtes, “[Starbucks CEO Howard] Schultz is tacitly but actively advocating the continued erosion of the institution – the two-parent, heterosexual, traditional and complementary family unit – without which no economy or society generally can thrive.

 If the leaders of this country stopped whining about their weenies and concentrated on what we should do to prevent the 3/11 Japan tsunami toxic debris from hitting the coast lands of California, we could eliminate petty abuses and get on with advancing this country. Seems to me, if you eliminate homosexuality, the debris isn't going to make our economy or society thrive any better.
If you decide to boycott Starbucks, can you try my coffee?

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