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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making Every Day International Women's Day

Tomorrow is International Women's Day, which is observed on March 8 each year to honor and celebrate the economic, political, and social achievements of women. Make it your day too!

Sadly, we must let the guys have their way. Do we have a choice? So, butt out and let them save the day...

Shelter employee alleges sexual harassment in lawsuit-Military men are raping military women. County employees are sexually harassing women employees. US officials steal the possessions of women and earn pay offs by stealing children from their mothers. Police use excessive force against women who are vulnerable. Radio talk shows can slander and libel women as sluts. Women are being targeted and vilified as enemy combatants to justify  the wrongful convictions men perpetrated.

In an editorial posted on CNN.com Saturday, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan urged listeners to file complaints with the FCC in hopes that the government agency will yank the licenses of radio stations that air his show hoping to silence the controversial conservative.

Will any woman fight for their honor. Nope, not in the USA.  That is what Rush Limbaugh is talking about. Women are centuries away from "doing the right thing." I know because I have gone to thousands of agencies seeking support from women. 

In prison, women have nothing because they don't stand together to fight for what they want. They would rather beat each other up.  Men have opportunities in prison because they ban together and fight for them. 

The women who may fight for their honor are those who have inherited riches from their husbands. Hollywood women maybe, because they have honorable lives already. But, as a majority, women are plain stupid and shallow.  A reputation means nothing to them because we were meant to lay on the couch and eat bon bons while US men have their way. Then, when they are sick of us they dump us because we have nothing left to offer them.

I hope Limbaugh's political views and his toxic hate speech wake up the bitches from their slumber. But, I doubt it.  Just like the men in the military who rape women and get away with it. So, too, will this incident fall into history, forgotten so that the contagious abuse continues to spread through out the world.

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