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Monday, March 12, 2012


It's amazing, Molly, the hate and fear never go away. The men take over everything: your money, your life, your wife, your career, your children, your property and possessions, your inheritance, your beauty and health, your blog.

Watch this. No women will sign this because women in America don't care about honor. For years, I've used the Petitionsite.com (http://www.care2.com/find/site#q=Kini+Cosma), Change.org, and others to battle women's issues. On my home page http://judiciary.zoomshare.com,  http://judiciary.zoomshare.com/files/EmailList.html (Someone changed the white fonts), you'll see the thousands of agencies don't give a rat's ass if a woman is stigmatized as a "sex offender". Matter of fact, if you personally talk to a lady about battling for honor, she will despise you.

In 1989, I moved from Oakland, California to Napa, California in search of a better life. Instead, I was identified as an unusual looking person by the Napa police. I am not a famine, petite, looking woman, but in fact, can be profiled as a lesbian looking woman. As a result, the police constantly bullied me by locking me up in their county jail on a weekly basis. 

Finally, prosecutors illegally convicted me as a felony stalker and sex offender.  This has costed a calibration of harm that will never be replaced and cover the financial, emotional deficits sustained and cured through mental health.  

My profitable private investigator and collection business and a $100k rightfully inherited trust fund was pilfered as a result of the continuing practice of police abuse. They used the communities to call me "crazy," sending me to mental institutions and then to prison where I was physically tortured and beaten. I lost custody of my two minor sons because the police told everyone I stalked women and I was a sex offender. 

For more than 15 years, my education and other business affairs have been destroyed while I have had to fight for my health and my basic rights others are entitled to. After my California driver's license was illegally suspended and I realized they intended to cause me great bodily injury and death, I had no other choice but to flee California. Hoping to seek political asylum in Oregon, I've been forced to face more sexual harassment, targeted malice and abuse. 

How dare anyone talk about defamation! The Rush Limbaugh case is nothing compared to mine. For over 20 years I have been combating serious defamation charges that have crippled me.  This is not fair that a cute, young, law student can hop on top of the list screaming defamation when I have been screaming it all over the world for 20 years!  This is why people become volatile using hatred to voice their concerns!



Premiere Networks List Of Advertisers Asking Not To Advertise On Limbaugh And Other Right-Wing Hosts


DATE:   FEBRUARY 22, 2012


I was profiled as a lesbian and arbitrarily arrested excessively since 1989-1995 (approx 40 times-landing in prison on July 4th, arrested on Martin Luther King Day, arrested 1st business day of 2011, sent to a mental institution on March 1, 2011: my birthday).

When I was wrongfully convicted of "stalking", the status was enhanced to include a "sex offense" after I was sent to prison.  Branded a “sex offender,” I lost custody of my two sons.  The officer has since been charged with excessive force by another attorney.

All legal activities others are entitled to have become illegal for me. All my business ventures were deliberately destroyed and frustrated and they  have left me to languish resulting in loss of liberty, civil rights, productive lifestyles, financial and personal ruin, mental anguish, social condemnation and personal and family embarrassment.

I have appealed to the Federal courts since 1995 and ALL of my cases were dismissed without review. All of the difficult and dedicated work I've done was ignored while federal judges demanded that I complete more work.  Even though Federal judges know I am not the “Betty Crocker” type girl, they have become obsessed with “curative rape” by forcing their disregard on me making me an object of ridicule and scorn in order that I submit to and service their American Men.

As a result of my legal battles against the U.S. Government, I have become an extremely unfavorable person subjected to and having to suffer severe retaliation.  I noticed my $100k rightfully inherited trust fund was wrongfully pilfered/seized after I asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to suspend the powers of the trustee. I also noticed that at least two attempts to entrap me in illegal ponzi schemes occurred while I was suffering brutality at the hands of the Lassen County community in California. I have also lost other real property and vehicles wrongfully seized and confiscated by the states of California and Oregon authorities.

The state and federal courts, in both California and Oregon, deliberately set me up to fail refusing to grant me asylum or protection from persecution and using me as a human battering instrument for others in the community to abuse, physically and emotionally.  Those in the community banter me because they just want me to shut up and go away and endure the sexual harassment. Because of the selfish reasons of those who conspired for my false imprisonment, other malicious prosecutions and judicial injustice has taken place. Impropriety, prosecution for the sake of prosecution, lack of funds for legal aid to prove my innocence and/or other errors of one kind or another, has occurred.

All of the excessive government entanglement running afoul of civil and human rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution without legal support has deeply affected my health.

Even though I have brought separate §1983 and  §2254 actions against the police and other officials on the grounds that labeling me as a sex offender based upon a policy enacted after my criminal conviction violated my constitutional rights. And, the infringements of the Due Process and Ex Post Facto Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination constitutes cruel and unusual punishment and is in violation of the Eighth Amendment.

The U.S. Government endorsed this cruel and unusual punishment by continuing to identify me as a sex offender, allowing me to be defined as someone who has been convicted, at any time, of any sex offense or [who] engaged in sexual misconduct during the course of an offense. They  have continued to recommend that I receive disparate treatment making it their constitutional duty to inculcate cruel and unusual punishment by portraying me to the public that “sexual assault is a heinous crime committed by Offenders with deviant behavior patterns that cannot be controlled by incarceration alone.”

Still no remedies available for these violations or the disparate treatment set forth under Title VII while retaliating and conspiring against my rights under 18 USC §241, there is now substantiated evidence that I am being been tortured to premeditate my murder using their power of abuse to maliciously disintegrate my health.

Just recently throughout August and September 2011, I diligently sought housing. Finally relying on the verbal agreement made by manager's Christopher John and Ericka  Little of Wiseman's Mobile Home Park at 6800 South 6th Street in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Previously managers Christopher John and Ericka Little declared to me that they made a visual inspection of my residential travel trailer at another location and approved thereof, preserving the certain space for me to move into on October 3, 2011.

Relying on said verbal agreement, I halted any other effort to seek housing else before the winter's debilitating freeze that caused my health breakdown (including hearing loss) the previous season.

I paid the rent and moved my residential trailer in. When I relocated my residential travel trailer to Wiseman's Mobile Home Park at 6800 South 6th Street in Klamath Falls, Oregon, on October 3, 2011, said management used bantering and forcible hostilities against me to unlawfully evict me without proper legal notice making the excuse that my trailer was not in compliance to their standards. Said management had a limited contractors license that definitely did not include having the authority to inspect the electrical components in my trailer.

Coincidently, the Klamath County Sheriff's department was right there to assist in these civil matters by forcibly running me out of the mobile home park regardless that rent was paid.  As a result, I have been housed in an  illegal concentration camp type setting with barbed wire all around while staff of the Klamath County Sheriff's Department are, coincidentally, tenants in the immediate vicinity asking me to secure their property.

These actions also have interfered with all of my legitimate home office based businesses. (disconnecting electrical utilities, forcing me to spend money to seek resources the government will block anyway, excessive late fines and fees) The pattern of abuse goes on and on with constant patterns for propensities of humiliation always setting me up in an illegal manner to justify their means for, yet, another malicious prosecution.

1 Said management blamed me as being aggressive and hostile

2 The police are known to always tell other victims that “it is a civil matter and there is nothing we can do.”

Having to urinate in buckets and defecate on newspapers prove their successful effort for making me live like an animal unworthy of attention or exposure to their pattern of consistent horrific human right violations.

Regardless of the well-founded fears of persecution on the grounds of  my being a member in a particular social group demonstrating my political opinions... I remain ignored and undefined as an disenfranchised, elderly, sex offending-stalker, Caucasian, Jewish, lesbian, woman vulnerable to U.S. Government abuse and oppression suffering their prevailing patterns of consistent years and years of physical and emotional abuse in both California and in Oregon.

While others qualify as refugees to be granted asylum or  protection somewhere in the United States, the harm feared is being inflicted by this government...and by persons and organizations that the government is unable or unwilling to control. I have contacted 1000's of agencies connected only in the legal industries relying on those agencies for answers. While they were asleep, I was sent to a mental institution for several months on bogus charges, again, my civil rights being violated.

Anonymous people are coming out of the woodwork who I do not know, nor should have any information regarding my civil and human right violations in the communities I am transient in. So, why are they hostile and derogatory using such efforts to intimidate and harass me?

I, Kini Cosma, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that all of the foregoing statements, records on file with this case is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Kini Cosma   Dated: February 21, 2012   http://judiciary.zoomshare.com

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