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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NYC Congressional Delegation Says: It Gets Better

 "It's 28 degrees in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I'm so cold. At least I have Bing-Bing to keep me warm. The NYC Congressional Delegation is right, "It does get better"
 Actually, it's snowing. Got 4" last night. When extra propane is unavailable, just heat your space with the oven. Sssssshhhh. Don't tell anyone.  Your not suppose to inhale carbon dioxide. Just the breath of dirty old men. But, don't worry, it gets better when you have to clean toilets to earn money for heat.
 "It gets better" when you can look at the wild life through barbed wire fencing.

 Why are you stealing my friends toilets?

 There's my wife. She just got promoted to Lieutenant. She hasn't received her badge yet. I'm sure it will get better when she does.

 Got to walk the fence now, see ya. Can you see my little dog? He always makes it better.

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