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Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Profile A Latent Homosexual

As a convicted female internal toilet and stalker, I have found that many men enjoy women who appear to look like boys. Perhaps it is because I am 5"4', with a slim body, virually no hips and small breasts. By no means am I a feminine woman and, in fact, may appear to be an effeminate male. I am rugged, an extremely oppressed multi-tasker, and now need to be outdoors in decent weather. Men seem to be sexually attracted to me and insist that I am one of their "buddies" perhaps for the purpose of arousing or gratifying their sexual fantasies and desires?

On the other hand, men, including law enforcement, enjoy spewing women's clothing all over the state perhaps to indicate, "a conquest". For instance, when state and federal judges declared me an enemy combatant (because I don't want to service American men), they authorized other seizure violations without regard to the Fourth Amendment.

Yet, another was authorized through the illegal suspension of her California driver's license so that she would have to depend on American men to do her favors and so she would have to beg them for sex.

Lassen County Grand Juror, Sharon Bertotti, had excessive notice (20 letters +) that hooligans were menacing Kini, tailgate Kini at excessive speeds of 65 mph in a 55 mph zone, run herself off the road, then claim Kini was involved in a major accident?

On a manifested pattern of public indiscretions, foreclosing on ALL my housing has resulted in destruction and thefts with only my underware and shoes left behind perhaps for further embarrassment and humiliation?

This egregious case originating from Napa, California to Klamath Falls, Oregon continues to demonstrate a pattern of abusive conduct all with a bonus of arbitrary detention, arrests and harassment.

At Raped By The Beast, you will find that I have had to weather a plague of unethical conduct by state and federal judges, that my efforts include the use of my feeble mind to express myself forcibly while questioning authority for clarification of the grand theft larceny of my $100k rightfully inherited trust estate.

Undoubtedly, state and federal judges, and U.S. Government officials must terminate my life because my children will soon be of age and will find out the truth: What the U.S. Government and their People have done to their mother!

How will they perform the dubious task of eliminating my life? Will law enforcement, their hooligans, informants, neighbors, jail snitches, good ol boy politics and their punks be the final arbiters of justice? Will it be their oppressive practices and new torture techniques near the base of Kingsley Airport in Klamath Falls, Oregon? Or, will it be the deceptive devices used to abandon myself to every low profligacy and vice?

I know this sounds like a hostile intrusion for an email, but undoubtedly it is true. See my website, Raped By The Beast for more details and uploaded evidence; And, please do not tarry, because your daughters could be next.

Find out from the lawyers who are the drain on society. Find out from inept defense counsel who allows the prosecutions' incredibly contrived scenario of crimes that have gone essentially unchallenged.

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