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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Tribute To My Dear Gay Male Friend

My Friend, David, was over medicated by the Mental Health Dept in Susanville, California. He was neither supervised or kept on observation despite living within a mile of the agency.

To David Hurley By Kini

Through the younger years we grew together.I'll never forget the day we met through my brother. The best years had I spent with you having fun and joy. Our relationship was a mystical one. We would laugh until we were absolutely exhausted. Laughing at the most funniest of things. At times we led a risky life like the time we drove around in that Baracuda, stopped for gas, and I pulled off the steering wheel. We all just screamed for dear life. Or, the time we rode my motorcycle to Lake Tahoe clad in our cut offs: Me driving in my bikini top and you with no shirt. What a sight to behold.

As our journey through this life caused our friendships to scatter, I often thought about you and the memories we shared never knowing where on this green earth you could have been. Then that day when I was walking in what seemed like positively in the middle of nowhere, you appeared.

You jumped out of that truck and we both started screaming and hugging. Boy, that neighborhood must of thought we were out of our minds. The joy we experienced was absolutely incredible that day. You even said that it was an act of God.

I am sorry that I could not have been the friend that I wanted to be to you. I did not have the strength. The battles that I am surviving have caused me to be strong only within myself for a time...My hope was that one day you would see me be victorious and we would resume a healthy relationship. And, maybe someday I will be victorious. Then I will look toward the heavens and will see your face in my mind's eye and know that you are clapping saying my name the way you have always.

At time we were distant from one another. At times we grew apart. And, at times our hearts were cold. But deep inside we had a bond. Truly, your mercy did I see. There was so much for us to do in the time ahead. But, your journey on this earth was already timed.

Well, now, most of the old clan has passed on. You guys were sure young to depart from this earth. But, my dear loving David, I believe that you are in the presence of joy. Still, we will be missing you friend, brother, and uncle.

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