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Monday, July 7, 2008

Kini's Version of Samson and Delilah

By Kini to Debbie the Love of My Life

Once upon a time, there was a lady. She could not have babies. So one day, the L-RD's angel appeared to this lady and said, “You have never been able to have children, but now you will have a little boy. You must never cut his hair because he will serve the L-ORD and the L-ORD will make him strong with big muscles.”

The lady was so happy. She named him Samson. Samson grew and grew and the L-ORD blessed him and the L-ORD'S power made him strong with big muscles. [You see, guys,] some people are just born with big muscles. They don't have to exercise and exercise.

Anyway, soon Samson found a girlfriend named Delilah. But Delilah was not very nice. And, in fact, was a gossiper and a busybody. She ran around and told Samson's secret to everyone. He did not know that. The only secret Samson did not tell her was that if anyone cut his hair, he would lose his power and not be strong anymore. Then, one day, Delilah, Samson's' girlfriend asked, “How is it that you are so strong? What is your secret?

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Samson would not tell her. But, then, she cried and cried “Please tell me why you are so strong.” She cried and begged. Samson said, “No! I will not tell you!” But, Delilah said, “I love you! You can trust me! I would not tell anyone!” She sobbed and sobbed. Samson asked, “How could you love me? You never spend time with me or talk to me. You are always busy fixing yourself up and going shopping. How could you possibly love me? You don't even know me!” Delilah cried, “Fine!! I'm going far away and you'll never see me again!”

Well, Samson's girlfriend, Delilah, was so beautiful and gorgeous that people fainted when they looked at her. She was the most beautiful and stunning lady in all the land. (That was of course, after Princess Dianna passed away. )

And, so Samson thought, well, maybe if she hangs around me, she will become a righteous lady. She will see what a good boy I am and will want to be just like me. She will not only be knock-out gorgeous, but she will be Jesus-like. I just can't wait. G-d will be so proud of me and her too!

One more time, Delilah asked, “Please, tell me what makes you so strong. If someone wanted to tie you up and make you helpless, how could he do it?” She told him, “Look, you've been making a fool of me and not telling me the truth!” Please, tell me right now!” And, she started to cry and jump up and down, and laid down on the floor and banged and kicked on the floor with her hands and feet.

Well, Samson thought Delilah was so cute when she got angry that he just couldn't resist any longer. “Okay!Okay! I'll tell you my secret! My hair has never been cut. If you cut my hair , I'll lose all my power and I will not be stronger anymore. Now you know my secret!”

Aha! Now Samson's best friend, Delilah, knew his most secret of secrets. So, one night, Delilah was lulling, and coddling Samson to sleep. Can you imagine that a big, big, giant of a man with lot's muscles in the arms of a little lady. She was probably rocking him to sleep singing a song. Finally, when Samson was asleep she snipped off all his wonderful locks of hair.

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Then, Samson awoke and saw that he lost his power. All of a sudden, his enemies and people he hated came in and took Samson away. He could not fight them because he was not strong anymore. He was as weak as could be. And, so you must keep certain things a secret and not let people know.

Well, it looks like Delilah wasn't a very good little lady after all, Samson's heart was broken because he was one who neither watched over his heart nor preserved silence. So, you guys, a lot of things in our heart we have no business telling a soul. Special words from the L-RD; our deepest dreams, thoughts, and hopes. They are precious and deserve to be kept safe by the guardian of silence.

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If we refuse to provide pockets of silence in our lives, we will always flounder in a fog, wondering who G-d is and what He is doing. We will remain shallow. But, if we deliberately fashion pockets for times of silence, we will grow deeper in an awareness of the real presence of G-d.

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