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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Awwww. We Love You, Dustin Hoffman!!!

Now that DOMA's dead, it's time for a  vacation!  What would you recommend as your favorite gay-friendly destinations for this summer?   

Pat Robertson wants Facebook 'vomit' button to press when he sees photos of gay couples. How about this one?

Fellow Commentor *1:  Yep follow it and youll contract the deadly virus that plagues those people.

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the rainbow road leaving all the pedophiles, baby stealers, menacing punks, shit disturbing twerps, rapists, batters, wife beaters, liars, dirty ol' men, spongers, greedy misogynist men, and womanizers behind.

Second Chancey's Are For The Thirds', Fourth's, Fifth's and Sixth's...
Fellow Commentor *2DOMA isn't completely dead... just on life support now.
its the rainbow road everyones gonna die noone survives rainbow road.


Fellow Commentor *3:  This all wrong. Rainbow Road should be in space, not near an ocean.

Fellow Commentor *4: The homophobes are following us to the ocean so while they are harassing us, they will fall into the ocean.

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