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Sunday, June 16, 2013


“I kill a man and most people forgive me. However, I love a man and many say this makes me an evil person.”

35-year old Kini Cosma was walking down a street in Napa, California on Friday evening when the above female police officer, Debbie Peecook, decided to arrest Cosma because she looked like a lesbian. Matter of fact, Cosma was arrested over 25 times by the same above female officer just for walking down the street. Cosma was not allowed to travel any further than a 2 mile radius.

The above female officer at http://herecomesthepopo.blogspot.com  sent Cosma to prison to get her ass beat, then, sent her to Susanville, California to get her ass beat there. Not satisfied that Cosma was not beat to death, the above female law enforcement officer intended to indirectly cause Cosma's death by a third party. After pilfering her $100k rightfully inherited trust fund and "legally" abducting her two minor sons, California officials ran her out of the State of California to Klamath Falls, Oregon where the female officer had others beat her ass at the High Lake Apartments. The above female officer then had other's beat Cosma's ass at the Harlen Drive property.

Knowing that Cosma was always self-employed, Oregon law enforcement were told to confiscate all of Cosma's business vehicles so she would have to depend on and service American men. One KIamath County Sheriff confiscated her residential van and threw Cosma's underware all over the Fairgrounds property...These very real stories can go on and on and on...To this day, Cosma is not permitted to travel any further than a 2 mile radius.

Cosma's horrific human and civil right violations are a part of a string of anti-LGBT violence in Napa, California and bias-motivated crime around the country. It could have been you, your friend, your son or daughter.

“I kill a man and most people forgive me. However, I love a man and many say this makes me an evil person.”
Kini Cosma didn't do anything wrong. She didn't break any laws, start any fights, or harm anyone. She was simply open about who she was. And for that, she was ordered to be beaten up by law enforcement and other U.S. officials.

Every LGBT person and ally who hears about this deliberate indifference and the covering up of exculpatory evidence would even have a deeper reaction: That could have been someone I love.

Imagine growing up knowing that your life could be over in an instant. That walking down the sidewalk on an ordinary Friday night, you or your friend could be alive one minute and gone the next. That's the reality. And if it can happen in Napa, California, it can happen anytime, anywhere.

Discrimination remains embedded in this nation's laws. And as long as it trickles down into our schools and our communities, your constituents will continue to suffer from these crimes and the terror they instill. We all have a duty to stand up, ordinary citizens and elected officials alike. Passive support isn't enough.

The next Kini Cosma is out there right now, running out of time. We cannot, must not stop until our nation's laws – at every level – treat all Americans equally, in every aspect of life, with the dignity we all deserve.

We'll do our part. But we need you to do yours. We cannot wait another day to demand her settlement check. We will not let another LGBT, person of color, or a disabled member die at the hands of Debbie Peecook.


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