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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Disempowering Another Human Being

The boys in the above photo look so young. Is it possible they are learning all about sex at that age? And, who is teaching what "homo's" do in bed?  Are the teachings graphic enough to boggle their imagination? Are they being taught all about teeny weenie condoms? And, what company makes condoms so tiny to fit little boys? Do the adults teach the little boys with dolls? Do the adults show them the behavior with two male dolls in a "homosexual" act?  What about lezzies? If the adults go through all of this to teach them about why gays are not allowed in the Boy Scouts, do they use dolls to show the sexual behavior of two lezzies also? Surely, the children must know why they are voting "No."

The stark truth is that people need to take responsibility for their life and choices.  You can always help another human being but you should never force yourself or your way of life onto someone else.

You are disempowering another human being when you try to seize control or mold them into how you want them to fit into your life.  Everyone needs to work out their own journey through life.  The wise words of Gandhi, try to be the change you want to see in the world.

I have personally witnessed a lot of hatred. I use to be popular and my business world was saturated with the best associates. But, my life has been absolutely destroyed because of one bully cop who was obsessed with arresting me every time she saw me.  

I have learned the most terrible truths about people as a result: How they enjoy terrorizing others when allowed to play on their fears; How vigilante justice can be created and spread to massive psychological, emotional, and financial abuse. Just like the foreman juror in the Jody Arias case, he began to learn what I've been experiencing for over 20 years; Just how blood thirsty people are!  When no one stops it and the courts allow vulnerable women to be used as human battering instruments the public opinion takes over and the consequences are devastating.

There is a lot of hatred out there and no one has the right to be drooling and waiting to shed the blood of someone when their crimes and hatred are equally as cruel. I've said this from my own experience, Jody Arias may not have had a lot of physical injuries, but I've studied punks and I've learned the hard way how they operate; how people can be so two-faced  when kissing up to people who they want respect from compared to the deliberate indifference they are really made of; how they act one way toward someone and the 360 degree personality disorders no one sees. Just look at most of the photos of Travis Alexander. He has a smug, arrogant, look about him; charming to his family but there was a side to him that we will never really know.  If those jurors knew half of what I've learned about human nature, I believe there would have been a different verdict.

I learned these secrets about people because of  Debbie Peecook, and her career in law enforcement as a Napa City police officer in California; Her hatred of the disabled, the person of color, and gay people. I've learned just what the foreman and other jurors are learning: People are just plain blood thirsty and they have an obsession with seeing other people fall so they can laugh about it and show off with their bully friends!

I was granted a student loan for a legal career earning substantial income, instead my legal status was exploited with over 15 years of filing legal pleading with state and federal courts. To this day, I have not earned one red cent in one of the worst, horrendous, civil and human right violations in U.S. history. Why should I pay back a student loan that has cost me my life, horrendous anxiety, and the removal of my two sons?  Unbelievable that the Department of Education is automatically deducting it from my very small and meager income. http://judiciary.zoomshare.com

What happens when one has been psychologically, emotionally, and financially abused is that when you relay on your transportation for your horseshoeing business, then, it breaks down, applying for online payday loans can cost you identity theft. Predators trick you into giving all your private info: social security number, driver's license number, mothers maiden name, and everything needed to take over your bank account.  Who cares anyway, the U.S. Government has already pilfered you into your grave. Let the fraudsters and U.S. government grapple for the drippings.

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