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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The American Rape Culture

"Women Are Terrorists Because 
They Refuse To Fuck American Men!" 
Implies the mean misogynist filth of American whoredom.
The Slander and Libel of the Witch Hunt Goes On And On To Distract Stupid Americans.
You are not welcome to the United States of America, Mrs. Tsarnaeva. We will run you out and chase you from city to city and state to state. We will make it so that you will never earn one red cent. We will steal your vehicles, your home, your inheritance, and friends. We will cuss, swear, and curse you with born liars.  We will bad mouth you to your family and they won't know who to believe. 

You will be forced to live from street to street. Every once in a while we will allow you to live in a ghetto where you will have the lowest form of inadequate hospital care. Your neighbors will be your enemies and they will track you when you come and go. We will threaten you and you will live in terror the rest of your life.  

We will fine you for every little violation of the law and we will set you up and maliciously prosecute you. The state and federal judges you stand before will be the most corrupt judges you can ever imagine. You will see others get favorable and better treatment than you because you do not deserve anything or anyone.  You will never get to open your door or windows to get fresh air because we will send bigots, drunks, drug addicts, former drug addicts and other lunatics over who will torment you with their stupidity.   

We will torture you with undisputed neglect, physical, emotional, and financial abuse until you are faint and pass out on the ground. Be sure, Mrs. Tsarnaeva, we will rape you and prosecute you for making up lies because no one will dare step forth to be a witness or defend you! 

When we are through destroying the evidence, you will die a sick and empoverished old woman with dirty old men all around to sexually harass you.  No one will help you, Mrs. Tsarnaeva!  WE ARE THE INFIDELS AND WE WILL WIN!

For those that do not believe that we live in a society of "Rape Culture" Open your eyes! We need to change this outlook, the punishments (or lack there of) and how we all see the survivors. Every time a woman is raped in the US, people of both genders and of all ages make excuses for the attackers. THAT IS RAPE CULTURE! They blame her clothing, where she was, if she drank, if she was dancing, if she was alone, if she was a sexually active in the past, if she liked the guy(s)...I can go on...

How to Discriminate Against Gays and Get Away with It

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