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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Respecting Ourselves

"There's little else in life that's as important to the rhythm and well-being of self and family as access to employment.  A living-wage job feeds the soul. It puts food on the table. The right to work hard and earn a living is fundamental. Unfortunately, in 29 states, you can still be fired for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.  That is just plain wrong.

Today, I am proud to announce I am introducing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bipartisan bill to enact fundamental fairness in the workplace. No longer will our friends and family in the LGBT community fear losing their jobs just for being who they are."

You can't fool me with your government lies
Dear Jeff:

How galant you are to recognize that we are human and for you to introduce, yet, another "ACT".  Sadly, it is too late for me to be a service to anyone in the United States. 20+ years of discrimination and bigotry by the sick psychopath has given me has been enough!  The only job I look forward to now is to pray havac on America the way America has granted havac on me.  G-d has promised vengenace is His and He promised it over 200 times. I have come to terms that I will never see my family again.  So, now I wait, listen, watch and look  just as your American psychopaths have stood by idly watching the undeniable cruelty of neglect, psychological, emotional, and financial abuse I have suffered without so much as a phone call.  One day people will learn how to respect and treat other people humanely. Until then, my heros are now those who have died blasting your infidel American asses into hell.

You See Women Have Access To The Courts Just Look How Long Jodi Arias Has Had A Trial

Jodi Arias Must Be Acquitted!  Women need a representative for women who have been neglected and abused for years.  As a female minority in every word of the sense, I know first hand the feelings of having to deal with men who are arrogant and support the abuse by neglecting and silencing women who have been abused physically, emotionally and financially.

Just as Travis Alexander who wears that smug arrogant look in every one of his photos, so too are the men in the United States. Men and women cover up their abuse by lies, constant denial, arbitrary discrimination, then the harassment women suffer is unbearable and she must exist in a hostile environment because the Courts refuse to acknowledge what they have done to her.

As the abuse is flouted in the face of Americans, they look the other away until finally a woman like Jody Arias can no longer take anymore because the Violence Against Women's Act only applies to celebrities and young teenage girls.

Why must we have to slice their throats to finally be heard? Make Jodi Arias a role model to all the elderly women and women who have suffered at the hands of evil of men and women by voting to acquit her. Send a message to the Courts in the United States that when we do not have access, justice has been denied!

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