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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Immune Unknown City Of California

A few of the top state proposals for 2013 being debated by the California Senior Legislature is The Aging in Place Act. This Act will eventually support, fund, educate, advocate for and promote healthy aging in aging-friendly communities.

But, according to a Napa wine country town, housing needs will arrive with a boom because Napa is immune to official state policies and rules.

Dense units are the best solution to the growing problem of building standards like stairway warnings for sight-impaired seniors. This will offer aging baby boomers an independent, more manageable living option — especially to those retirees living on fixed incomes.

Even though emergency transportation mobilizes paratransit vehicles, paramedics or any other mode of transportation that can be safely used to move disabled and elderly populations in natural disasters, we all know they will be herded onto trucks without their luggage and deported on cattle cars to an unknown location.

And, among the California Senior Legislature’s top four federal proposals for 2013, will it take as long as the VAWA for a President to sign the Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act?  We may all have to wait an eternity for that bureaucracy to go through. 

How many claims under the Medicare Fraud Act will we have to file before the Medicare Part D: requiring the government to negotiate for the lowest available prices of prescription drugs?   Accordingly, when the study requesting reports on the feasibility of crimes against elders and dependent adults, we all know what the legislature does with our paper(s).

The Personal Income Taxes exempting seniors older than 65 from paying income taxes on Social Security Benefits should be a non-issue because the trauma we suffer will make us get dementia way before age 65. 

And, a Windfall is not a windfall when we suffer humiliation, pain and suffering costing us years of our life. A Windfall is what we receive as a result of a lottery winning!

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