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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Does Rush Limbaugh Think He Is A Lesbian?


To all my adoptee friends, natural mothers or fathers of a son or daughter who was "legally" abducted, those in search of their mothers or fathers activists and lawyers, others who are just plain concerned:

I'd really advise listening to the testimonies of Holocaust survivors on youtube. These people are incredible, can give you strength, and are still alive!

I just love my seniors and it reminds me of when I was a little girl listening to stories from my mom and grandma. 

So far, I've listened to Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt, Liesl Loeb,Sobibor Survivor Thomas Toivi Blatt, Rose Schwartz, Esther Raab, Rachel Gottstein and many others. One of my favorites is Sobibor Survivor Regina Zielinski because she talked about so many of G-ds miracles. If anyone is looking for a movie to watch, I'd suggest "Escape from Sobibor" and you can download it from youtube.

Does Rush Limbaugh Think He Is A Lesbian?

I think so. I've known some guys like him and I had a sneaky suspicion they felt like women trapped in men's bodies even though they are straight. I played mind games to get it out of them. Not too hard to do if you can imagine.

Happy Birthday to Diva Diana Ross!
Love is Here and Now The Egyptian Hebrew overseer, Randy Bowman, the Bolshevik Nazi Kapo Zionist Jew who was and is a vulture to his own people is Gone  

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