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Monday, January 21, 2013

I See, See More, See Horse,

Ah. ha. ha. Oh, good one! "The right side of eternity. Wow. Alveda King, as a loyal reader reminded me, has been married and divorced three times. She certainly isn’t redefining marriage, just exercising her right to it, over and over and over again."

All truth passes through 3 stages First it is ridiculed Then it is violently opposed Then it is accepted as being self-evident... Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)


What the government has done to me in absolutely heinous!  I've gone to all the courts in the land and it's now pending at the Inter-American Commission. My case is so slam dunk wrong and they refuse to be held accountable. They took my two minor sons. They have poisoned everyone's mind against me.  They robbed me of a $100k rightfully inherited trust estate and destroyed all of my businesses, confiscated my vehicles...The list goes on and on. I've gone to thousands of agencies pleading for support. The government used cruel and unusual punishment and left me on the side of the road to die an agonizing death.  I will continue to fight the American people by filing my legal complaints, pinging my websites all over the world for them to witness what this country is about because they don't care. http://judiciary.zoomshare.com 

What does a man and a woman have in common? Certainly not the matters of today.  If you notice, a man talks to other men about vehicles, business, guns and other weapons, hunting and other manly sports. Man's best friend are other men or their dogs.  A man only wants to talk to a woman about sex. They have nothing in common other than how pretty you are.

Woman talk to other women about cooking, ballet, dresses and other women clothing, subjects that clearly put men to sleep. Men want women for slavery: to cook, clean, and lay on the couch and eat bonbons while they are sexuality exploited. Then, men go off to find another sex exploit. Men were invented to wander while women were invented to stay at home all alone and wait for the man to return (if he saw fit).  

The fanatics are deliberately wasting peoples time. I thought the Messiah was here already. So, we ask G-d: Why is it necessary to have families and babies? According to the scripture, the Messiah is suppose to come from the clouds as a full grown adult. I've asked leaders: why are you fighting abortion issues? "It is wrong!" they say. Then I asked G-d again: Why is one sin considered wrong, yet, these leaders are obsessed with what people do in bed. What about all of the millions of people in the USA who are suffering major civil and human right violations: those who have had their children taken unlawfully? Don't tell me it's the gay people's fault. So, G-d spoke to me and I heard Him say, "Because your nation is a nation of stupid idiots!"


Do we really need to populate the world with more people when we can't even keep up with the people we already have? 

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