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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ONE Instance Of Klamath County Judicial Malfeasance


Michael's son was murdered through the child protective services
Michael Borusieiwicz:  And one last thing, if and when they lock me up, or I die/killed, start profiles with my name, and don't know anyone who does it. Me and Lukey will never go away. I will hunt them to the bottom of the deepest blackest pits where they feed upon the souls of children, the ministers who use the skulls of babies as paper weights as on their desk.... I am coming for you all, from beyond the grave.

Kini: I'm right there with you even if my two sons were toxically indoctrinated against me and hate me. No doubt about it, this country has some toxic rules.

Learn more about how this country is destroying itself at

Can a Police Officer Enter a Home Without a Warrant? 

Yes they can because no one has the money to contest the illegality of this collateral damage. The judge is the devil's advocate being the attorney(s) and jury.

     Can a Cop Pull You Over Without Probable Cause?  

The California Court of Appeals ruled that stopping a car for mere appearance is a violation of the Fourth Amendment (People v. Ingle (1975)).  Except Kini. Her "moped" farm device can be seized for crossing the street (less than 25 ft) after she pulls over.  According to the law, she was suppose to have headlights visible a 1000 ft from on coming traffic. Evidently, the U.S. Supreme Court held that any traffic violation, no matter how minor, was cause for pulling someone over. (Whren v. the United States (1996).

Exceptions to Reasonable Suspicion: When the police want to find out where a crunched up piece of paper, a bots dot, and other insignificant items found in front of somebody's house,  Kini is the exception to the rule and may be stopped because she can be considered a "mentally ill missing person."  https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzauHnHc3bOJUTItSWk4c2xERXM

Yep. That's what Oregon law says: 1000 ft. Have you ever tried to see a bicycle with a tail light a little after dusk? 

Kini has no jurisdiction when it comes to the auto theft of her vehicle either.  Apparently, Judge Wogan, can randomly loose court documents at his whim to deprive Kini of another vehicle. (That's okay because all the documents were sent to the Inter-American Commission in an orderly organized and timely manner, including the fee waiver)  This was in retaliation for Kini alleging that Judge Wogan falsely sent Kini to a mental institution over a dog scratch and under the false pretense she was unable to comprehend the judicial proceedings.

Whhhaaaat?  Kini is not entitled to the compulsory process clause of the Sixth Amendment?  Nope, because this would have given her the right to call the dog bite witness who didn't want to testify anyway?  Why?  Because the case was so frivolous that even the federal courts didn't want to deal with it.  Just enough damage to cause a grievous harm but not enough to make them pay for it.

So, yes, a police officer can enter a home without a search warrant and a police officer can pull you over even if he is a 1000 miles in the air regardless of the  traffic infraction being the only reason: your car is red.

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