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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Get The Fuck Up And Get To Work" Implies the US Gestapo

"Under what ideological system could this happen?" questions the stupid people of the USA. "This could never happen to us. We are first-class and wealthy." declares the same.

"Just go along with it!" orders the administers of  justice as they boycott Kini's businesses. "Not a penny will she see! Kini lost the right to be Jewish or be a member of democracy because she is no longer American or has that right to be American. Illegal immigrants are first before she will ever see a penny of her pilfered $100k rightfully inherited trust estate!"

"We need to bolster the illusions while we deport her into hell!" declares one Nazi from http://herecomesthepopo.blogspot.com/. "As long as we can keep her in fear for her life night and day, we have a good chance of making her disappear." said Randy Bowman, the Bolshevik Zionist Jew. "She will be forced to give up everything she owns to flee the city she loathes from every last cell in her body, Klamath Falls in Oregon. If she 'choses' to stay, she will be martyred in a mental institution.  If the Nazi's deceived the Red Cross (post card deception) by keeping a separate ghetto because the Red Cross heard of the deplorabe conditions, we also can bolster the illusion we are doing everything for the best interest of the USA"

"We concur!  While we round her up, we must present a fascade of peacefulness that way we will forment hatred against her so we can continue to poison the minds of her sons. We can use her sons to mandate that she must fuck her piece of filth ex-husband."

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