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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Expecting Visitors?

I'd hate to reduce myself to his level but doesn't Family Research Council senior fellow Peter Sprigg have that pedophile look?

All my life since I was a little child, I grew up around gay people. They never ever molested me. The gay people taught me that education was important and they taught me how to have fun and laugh. The gay people have always been gentle to me and gave me a reason to live and strive for life.

It is the straight dirt bags that have sexually harassed me into my grave, the straight people who taught me about greed and manipulation, who taught me how to be miserable and uncomfortable and paranoid!  It is the straight people who have taught me about violence and hatred. And, it is the straight people who who have abused their authority, robbed me of my inheritance, and took my children...I can go on and on what straight people have done to me!  That's all straight people want to do is fight, fuck children, lie and blame it on the gays.(http://www.kellyclarkattorney.com/files/) and see (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/30/boy-scout-files-released_n_2581300.html).

It is the straight people who have done the molesting only to have the Vatican and Family Research Counsel,  American Family Association, Tony Perkins, and other homophobic agencies cover up their sick perverted straight behavior. To this day, I have been forced to live in isolation by straight people who have destroyed my life and have made me live in an empty horror of hell.

In the event anyone wishes to contact me, please leave a message. I have left my recorder on.

Bill:  The latest slander out there is that because one of the 100,000+ Lawless America supporters out there is against VAWA that I support father's rights groups and am against protecting women against violence.

 Anyone who writes that I am against protecting women will be committing slander. Please know that I will not tolerate it, and I will file for a protective order in the court where you are involved seeking protection against the slander and dishonesty. This may be the only way to silence the slander of folks, almost all mothers who seem to hate fathers, I am sorry to say. This is supposed to be about truth, honesty, and the children.

Kini:  I wouldn't doubt one minute if it wasn't law enforcement spreading those so called rumors. For over 20 years they have used my community to divide people and spread hatred. They wiped out my family and tortured me beyond what the movie, Zero Dark Thirty, shows. This country will pay that's all I know one way or the other for the ongoing harassment and what they did to me.

Temperament, values and actions: consumed by social justice in fighting a war to abolish VAWA will never happen as long as there are "dikes" like me around for mean misogynist women to torture and murder.  Just look what they did to her:
What the fuck is it with the world's religions and raping, molesting, and abusing children? It's like they are on a roll. Kids are so underdeveloped and unsexy

1 comment:

aj espartero said...

gays always get the blame for in fact it is the heterosexual population that does most of the bad things. they disregard the crimes done by straight guys instead they consider the mere being gay as a worst crime. maybe it's really time for us to rise up and fight for our rights.

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