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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Child Abduction Epidemic In The USA


I don't know what this pastors views are concerning the gay community, however, anyone who battles The Child Abduction Epidemic is just really okay with me. Sadly, what he fails (although we get the gist) to explain is that massive agencies come against one vulnerable person all at one time to subdue his/her capacity to survive. Many times these claims are late because of the abuse one must handle. Then, the state and federal courts have a reason to dismiss them, inter alia.

Most of the times, an upper power of authority will claim to someone in the community that the victims have won a substantial amount of money but the lies will go on forever with no compensation whatsoever. The upper power will tell the community to "go along with it" in order to keep the community calm. These counties use all kinds of deceptive practices so people won't become outraged and revolt. So, the community becomes indirectly outraged at the victim thereafter creating substantial never-ending grief with the expectation that the victim will be compensated "millions". This usually forces the victim out of town where the abuse starts all over again.

While state and federal judges put you through the "test" and CPS-DHS tells you to attend mental health, take medication, find housing, attend parenting classes, go to AA, Alanon, and other drug programs, find a job, attend probation-parole meetings, attend visitations while keeping meticulous records of social service lies, going to church and dealing with community vigilantes, time dissipates and the parent finds that it was all a hoax in order to justify their "legalized" child abduction. They never intended to reunited the parents with the children at all.

You will hear from most parents that they did everything possible expected from the child protection agency to get their child back while the child has been adopted from right under your nose. For instance, I have done everything and more.  

To this day, I ask, am I a statistic in the International Criminal Court at the Hague in the Netherlands?  Am I a statistic at the Press and Public Diplomacy Section in the United States Mission to the United Nations? Am I a statistic at the International Court of Justice Peace Palace? Am I a statistic under General Michelle Bachelet for UN Women? Am I a statistic under M.P. Dillon, Head of the Information & Evidence Unit, Office of the Prosecutor, of the International Criminal Court? Am I a statistic in the European Court of Human Rights Council of Europe? Am I a statistic in the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland?  Am I a statistic at the Department of Motor Vehicles Licensing Operations Divisions?   Am I a statistic of the United States District Courts, the Courts of Appeal, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals? And, finally, am I a statistic of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington D.C.?  No, I am still living isolated among white trailer trash that the police listen to while taking their lying testimonies awaiting my ending fate, death.

While it has taken me 20+ years to inform as many people as I can as to the ruthless, greedy, behavior driving this country into hell, the "Christian" people are busy with stupid, insignificant and frivolous arguments over "homosexuality". Finally, as state and federal judges laugh at them and use them as a distraction, the reality of our systematic broken justice system continues to be torn a part the United States regarding the real issues at hand while they are asleep. 

  • The most horrendous sicknesses and mental illnesses in this country comes from displaced parents and displaced children. Many of our mass murders are adoptees. See http://www.amfor.net/killers/

See the never-ending anguish of displaced parents here: 

Video testimonies surpass those of the Nazi Holocaust at: http://nachash.blogspot.com/


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