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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kini Is Going Home For ThanxGiving

"My dear beloved sons: The first thing a mother looks for when she gives birth is whether the child has all fingers. The first thing a mother looks for when she reunites with her children who were taken are whether they have all their fingers."  Mom Kini

Dear Mr. and Mrs 

:Sometimes people need to go home because they aren't allowed to evolve here on earth. Simply put, there just isn't any room left for some people who complain about Constitutional violations.

Twenty+ years, Kini has battled all high powered government agencies for civil and human right violations. She has gone to every extreme including contacting every media from A-Z.  After all, back then, defaming a woman as a sexual predator usually warrants public scrutiny. 

Respectively, this has costed her every calibration of harm including the loss of every privilege and opportunity known to man-kind because of some lame, "frivolous", "failing to state a claim", excuse justified by the broken judicial system.

For instance, Kini "failed to clearly state" that her children were removed from her custody because of the inadequacies of the sub-agency of the Department of Health and Human Services namely: Child Protection Services (CPS). Finally as Americans finally wake up from their deep slumber, we wonder why so many Americans are mentally ill. To the tune of the Federal Adoption Act, each child is financially available placing thousands of dollars into the pockets of state judges, defense attorneys, children's attorneys... 
Marketable ages are from 0-3 years of age

While years go by, courts use retaliation against the mother to severe her from society, making it look like it was her fault.  Sadly, when reunification finally comes around, the children have been brainwashed against the mother.

Left to wonder aimlessly through the justice system, there is no support from the media and friends and family have become brainwashed as well. Miserably trapped and resentful of being a misfit in an intolerant society, Kini gets to go home for ThanxGiving. 

Follow Kini Cosma as she travels to her true home at http://workshop.chromeexperiments.com/stars/ where she thanx her lucky stars she hasn't ended up like Brandon Teena or Matthew Shepard.

However, if you'd like to stay and be miserable with me (because misery loves company), check out  Land o' the Nephilim at http://nachash.blogspot.com ecause this will never happen to you. (See you do get a choice after all)

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