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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This Is Me...a Professed Heterophobic

Arnold, why are your eyes so squinty? Abusing your woman again? Waaahhhh. She won't let you? She divorced you? Everybody point to your weeny, pout out your lower lip, and cry out, "oooooooooo" 

Jesus Christ, there's a pervert looking at my breasts right now in the public library~

Straight people should not own horses. The reason people are considered "hoarders" is because they breed and breed to see them have sex then they let them run out of control.  It's always one bad apple by the straight people who give a bad name to the gay people. 

TO: Portland Animal Defense League, North American Animal Liberationn Press Office,  Friends of Animals, In Defense of Animals, Last Chance For Animals, Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition, Mercy For Animals, Italian Horse Protection Association, WSPA, Feminism and Animal Advocacy, Farm Sanctuary, and other animal activists and those promoting humane education:

The "Christians" at Living Faith Fellowship at 4549 Homedale, Klamath Falls Oregon, have me still locked me out of the pasture where my horse, Cinnamon, is dying. They know she over eats and she will founder. She has foundered before when I was abducted by the State of Oregon! I had her on a diet and they have locked me out for a month now. THEY ARE PUNISHING ME FOR COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ABUSE! THIS IS TO TORMENT ME FURTHER SO I WILL HAVE TO WATCH HER SUFFER!


Sniff, sniff. Are you married? Are you married? Does it matter? Does it matter?  Every once in a while a real gentleman comes around:

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