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Thursday, July 5, 2012

And, The War On Women Goes On!

Where can a woman go where she will be safe from abusers and oglers?  The city of Klamath Falls in Oregon is not the place. Here, where people own homes and new vehicles, the focus of attention goes to broken down poverty stricken old women who have lost everything through the discourse of American men. Here, police use terror for control and abuse.

Who would imagine while walking down the street to get from point A to  point B, a man in a brand new truck would turn his head 360 degrees to stare at someone who is utterly unimportant. You would think they need to be concentrating on something more important.  

Out of the wood work are those who empower themselves by giving the women the ebejeebies. A couple of college students at the library, apparently looking important, noticed my therapy dog was sitting quietly next to me.  After intimidating stares, they indirectly commented to me through each other, they didn't know dogs were allowed in the library. 

Ah. The vicious circle of abuse, violence against women, and the emotional harm used to send women to mental institutions. History proves men have a natural born instinct to fight. Maybe men need to go back to war to become real men because when they sit around too long their testosterone builds up making them mean misogynistic men. 

The Last of My Heroic Heros Has Disappointed Me

Grouchy Old Man
Now, we have Chuck Norris who divorced his beautiful wife then went on to marry former model Gena O'Kelley, born in 1963 and 23 years Norris' junior. You would think his model woman would keep him occupied enough. Except, Chucky baby has become an advocate for the boy scouts and his homophobic opinion really counts.  Was he even involved with the Boy Scouts? Or, maybe he was molested by one?

If top officials are targeting people to be assassinated abroad, including American citizens, how can women exile to another third world country.  If you hate your state, exiling to another won't help because our nation’s violation of human rights extend even here.

To here what the U.S. Government did to me, check out http://judiciary.zoomshare.com

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