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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stop The War On Women In All It's Forms

This true story illustrates the victim-blaming that many survivors face if they speak out and the lack of initiatives focused on preventing or addressing  harassment and excess force by law enforcement and the judiciary.

In a moment where women in America are being degraded beyond human comprehension and is in need of, not just help, but fairness, agencies and organizations to so aggressively turn on her is absolutely appalling.

An investigative and powerful examination of the epidemic of these institutions that cover up extrinsic evidence are profound and are affecting personal and social consequences that arise from the brutality.

Plaintiffs are alleging that the defendants are failing to prevent plaintiffs and others from being provided an adequate judicial system as required by law and by Bivens v. Six Unknown Agents of Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 403 U.S. 388, 397 (1971).

No One Will Believe You. You Are Crazy (5-29-12)

Due to the US Government isolation, police brutality and perjuring lies, community cruelty and menacing, I was constrained to stay in my trailer the weekend, hiding and living like a criminal fugitive. Since I have to shovel manure, trim the feet of my three horse, groom, water and pay for boarding and feed, a Christian bigot and his family of bigots get to enjoy the fruit of my hard work. I no longer get to enjoy my animals without petty psychological abuse by Tim Kee, a Christian bigot, and elementary teacher at  Hosanna Christian School, 5000 Hosanna Way, (541) 882-7732, Klamath Falls, Oregon.  And, who resides at 4441 Homedale Dr.  Yet, another police influenced decision to use this menacing family to harass and deprive me of enjoyment with my horses.  

Regardless of my Jewish beliefs, he has imposed his Christian twisted outlook by telling his adopted kids to put water in my hose after I drained it so that the ice clogs it up, tamper with my saddle, turning off the electricity running to the fencing without telling plaintiff,  pushing wheelbarrows in my way so when I enter my area the handles go into my crouch, turning off the water to deprive my horses of water, flooding my barn area and telling his foster care sons and grandchildren that I am the enemy so they can yell derogatory names when I arrive to care for my horses. Once Robin (defendant's wife) ventured into the public library with her adopted sons to murmur derogatory words toward me. You can never catch him playing his pranks but you know he is doing it type thing.  In addition, he influences his adopted sons to say what he wants. Despite my repeated pleas to Kee's wife and police about my hatred toward men who have jinxed my life, Kee's malicious actions and non-actions have continued to jinx my health and the health of my horses.

Thus, my prayers were to ask G-d to shove a pitch fork up the towns ass because the police  and judges in Napa, California to Klamath Falls, Oregon are influencing them to menace me so they can commit me, again, to a mental institution. I have repeatedly called the police, giving them access to the barn to investigate my complaints. But, as usual they encourage punks to use me as a human battering instrument.

Of course being the Jewish Princess that I Am, G-d answered me showing me the true nature of Christianity and it's spread of evil: http://www.heraldandnews.com/breaking/article_799aab64-a931-11e1-b87a-001a4bcf887a.html


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