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Friday, May 25, 2012

Four Words That Describe Memorial Day

The War On Women

Will VAWA Help The Sexual Assault Epidemic Against Native Americans?

Not before the all the village girls have been raped.  It doesn't matter if the women are isolated with limited access to phones, internet, police or anything else. For over 20 years I have contacted Senators, Congress, lawyers and 1000's of powerful legal agencies because of what the police were doing to me. I was ignored. Especially the media: They have covered up the story and now the cruel and unusual punishment has spun out of control. To this day, I am being isolated in a concentration type setting with no septic or electricity wondering what evil is going to happen next.  

The desperate plight of Kini Cosma is a graphic illustration of how the USA treats its most vulnerable women. Harassed and intimidated, Cosma has spent the past twenty years between prisons, jails, psychiatric institutions, and homelessness using false arrest and judicial impropriety.  

Sending women to mental institutions is a common tactic in the USA for containing and controlling women who expose the government's criminal activities. In Cosma's case, it has meant a life of social isolation and fear whose trauma, abuse, emotional, or mental health challenges have kept her from achieving her full potential. 

The state of siege and the possibility for influence have included homelessness, loneliness and despair to drive Cosma to self-destruction. Distress is further heightened by a lack of proper response from service providers or law enforcement.

Being maliciously and wrongfully convicted of heinous sex crimes defeats any opportunity for a decent relationship.  What ever cruelty and anger and lunacy state and federal judges have pent up, they need only a moment to exercise the greatest power anyone can wield, the power to take a life.

What will happen is one day some woman will cut up a man in 50 piece  then send one piece to each state so men will leave women alone!

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