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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seriously! Trust Me This Time! I Really Am Getting Married!

Will you marry me?

Women sailors share first gay kiss in US Navy

Don't Let The U.S. Senate Close The Door On Her Face!

"Curable Rape" Continues To Contaminate the World
Dear friend,

"Curable Rape" does not make us go straight. These hostile actions are nothing more than prurient extracurricular activities dominated by male misogynistic torturers. Having a mid-life crises, they must be bored with their life knowing that they can harass women and get away with it. (Anything for a rise). The only thing "curable rape" does is make us hate men even more for being such wimps. One day, a person like Lorena Bobbit will rise to an occasion and spring on Jihad Janes.

Just Kidding. No, This Is Not Me Or My Wife. I wish. My wife is a bully with a badge :( A control freak! I'll be an old maid for the rest of my life! She is the kind of woman who doesn't want you. And, doesn't want anyone to have you either

See what I mean?
I'm off to the psychiatric ward again.

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