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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anyway, Chief Justice John Roberts is handsome so he automatically wins!

Each of us has her own voice...But our goals are in harmony. They are the pursuit of peace, the pursuit of justice. They are the defense of rights to which all people are entitled. --Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Last week, Chief Justice John Roberts released his year-end report on the federal judiciary. Perhaps motivated by Alliance For Justice's call for him to address the rising ethics concerns facing his Court, the chief justice devoted a fair amount of time to the issue, spending 12 of 16 pages on judicial ethics.

Unfortunately, the chief justice's defense of his colleagues' behavior misses the mark.

Isn't that a coincidence? Seems like ALL the federal magistrates and state judges, missed the mark when inciting "IRRELEVANT, FRIVOLOLUS, BAD FAITH ..." in the case of Cosma v. UNITED STATES. Anyway, Chief Justice John Roberts is handsome so he automatically wins!

As you may know by now, but have ignored: I was profiled as a lesbian and convicted as a "stalker/sex offender" without due process. I lost custody of my minor sons and have had to experience 20+ years of severe physical, psychological, and financial abuse. My $100k rightfully inherited trust funds was pilfered by officials of the U.S. Government without due process.

Despite my repeated pleas for justice, Oregon and California state and federal judges have instigated, provoked, and authorized severe discrimination and community hostility that has included manhandling, theft of my finances, illegal vehicle seizures and illegal evictions without due process. The Courts have refused to allow me access inciting every excuse conceivable.

I also believe that these 20 years of never-ending, horrific civil, and human right violations are the results of an illegal and wrongful conviction that I obtained without due process. This has led to a never-ending tortured way of life.

MY LEGAL CLAIMS AND THE ONES LODGED WITH THE INTER-AMERICAN COMMISSION ARE AT http://judiciary.zoomshare.com. If anyone can represent me at an upcoming hearing, please get in touch with me.

Kick off cycling season with AIDS/LifeCycle's kickoff party! Whether you're a returning rider, or still thinking about registering, this is the perfect opportunity to mingle with friends and learn what the Ride is all about!

Have fun everybody! I have to stay in this horrible bigoted city, isolated, and alone waiting for the next violation of my civil and human rights!

Meet our Baby New Year 2012. She may be young, but she already knows the importance of our constitutional rights!

But it seems ever more likely that she’ll grow up in an America without those rights.

Will she have freedom of speech, or will local and state police arrest, beat, or pepper-spray her for expressing her dissent?

Will she have a right to privacy, or will federal government agencies collect her biometric data, track her location using GPS devices and her cell phone, search her bank records and her email account, and use dangerous technology to scan her body at airports—all without a warrant?

Will she have a right to trial and be presumed innocent until proven guilty if accused of associating with people the government doesn’t like, or will our military detain her indefinitely without charge, trial, or proof of crime?

Help us ensure the next generation enjoys the rights and liberties that the founders established in our Constitution. Donate today.

If you cannot donate, could you sign my petition?

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