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Monday, October 14, 2013

Was The Earth Flat?

Today is Columbus Day, a Federal holiday!! 

We must celebrate the man who declared the earth was round and who discovered the Americas. G-d gets no credit when He pronounced that the earth was spherical as described in Isaiah 40:21-22—“the circle of the earth.”  Note, the Biblical Hebrew word for “circle” (חוג—chuwg) can also mean “round” or “sphere.”  

For mythologies involving the belief in a Flat Earth,. .... the earth became a globe, and Descartes declared it was whirled round its axis by a vortex...The credit is usually given to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras and his school.  Some 300 years after Pythagoras wrote about Earth being round, another Greek, Eratosthenes, calculated the Earth's radius.  He used the distance between two cities and the angle of the sun's rays made at midsummer at noon.

Christopher Columbus wasn't the first European to find the Americas, as he set foot on islands in the Bahamas. Technically, Columbus never set foot in North America and never knew he discovered a continent. And even if he had set foot in 1492, the Native Americans were already in America and the region is believed to have been discovered 500 years before Christopher Columbus' birth by Norse explorer Leif Erikson. 

Today with very dedicated and hard work, in a court of law, when you depart, the disputers can have you believe the earth is flat. And, this is why we have a Federal holiday.

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