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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Organized Gang Stalking To Save Budget Funding

There is nothing superior about torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. The use of torture and inhumane treatment seriously harms the U.S.'s credibility as a human rights leader and compromises international cooperation and support from allies. It also undermines the international movement to end torture around the world. 

One woman, Kini Cosma who lived in the City of Napa in California spent years and years telling the world before degrading treatment was at the forefront of U.S. controversy; that by approving -- and using -- coercive tactics intended to "break" her to plea from a misdemeanor to a felony would make the torture stop. That was 15+ years ago.  It never mattered to Napa County Judges in the State of California that if she excepted a plea that did not fit the scope of a punishment, it would not be adequate to meet the nature of the crime and the Judges hands would be bound in advance. Today, the United States places itself in the same company of repressive regimes around the world.

On August 1, 2002, the CIA's actions implied to local law enforcement that the science of using torture and cruelty for mind control to wipe out families supported with tactics such as, sexual humiliation, forced stress positions, sleep deprivation for up to 180 hours, exposure to extreme temperatures, sensory overload, sensory deprivation sealed Cosma's fate. The judicial system made it's way in sync realizing it made sense to punish who they want without due process saves funding on the budget even if it includes organized gang stalking.

The City of Napa police looked at the science behind coercion which makes some more defiant and less cooperative while degrading a person's ability to report accurate information. Defiance is met with years and years of organized gang stalking by the police and the communities to eventually terminate a troublesome person who refuses to fuck their American men. These victims become enemies of the state because they want to work and earn money like the rest of the population in an honest manner. Ridiculing and disrespecting her right to earn a living, the victim's work tools become the seized property of law enforcement within 72 hours as part of an inside joke. State and Federal judges squeal with delight when rape victims are forced to fuck American men to pay for horse boarding at a Living Faith Fellowship Church in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Similarly, by running the victim around in hopeless time wasting circles, the victim should be put out of her misery because no one should survive in a life time of brutal spiritual rapes by those who abuse their power to influence organized community gang stalking. This saves funding in the budget since no death penalty phases are needed or wasted. As the City of Napa, their police, and state and federal judges rape their victim's souls to death, the only other alternative is to run her out of another state, preferably to Oakland, California so she can overdose on heroin.  Traumatizing their victim by horrific degrading memories allow mercy killings to be inevitable. These deaths are dignity experimental procedures including her "last meal" without wasting tax payer money.

To learn more about the city police of Napa, California and their enhanced budget saving programs visit http://herecomesthepopo.blogspot.com

You know they are doing it. They know they are doing it. They know you know they are doing it but when you try to tell someone, you sound like a psycho case. That is right where they want you.  

Learn how a wisp of a civil matter turns into the malicious criminal prosecution of "trespassing" to send a woman to a mental institution for years, see http://herecomesthepopo.blogspot.com

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