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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Years And Years Of Proscribed Punishments

We have seen crimes evolve into modern day society. We now have more sex offenders, stalkers...than ever. Some crimes will always remain the same. I can remember in the 60's such activity was unheard of. But, today we have so many new definitions like CPS and Title IV-E...taking children from families so that state government officials can tap into Federal funding ($25,000 per child with a guaranteed income for 15 years). One crime evolving for the future and not really heard of yet is police stalking and the use of their mind control techniques. To learn more about government proscribed violence through gang stalking visit my blog at http://herecomesthepopo.blogspot.com where Debbie Peecook has advanced to lieutenant for being such an expert. As their crimes begin to creep up on society, you can also learn about story after story from others who have posted their research on Youtube.

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