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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Darn Those Irresistible Men In Blue

Join us in our group discussion with Lukes Army:
Alarm at Soaring Number of Kids in Care...The New Stolen Generation

Anonymous: They don't care how many hearts or lives they break, they are subhuman, robots, penguins with no milk of human kindness, greedy, power driven egotists, that thump themselves on the chest everytime they take a kid away and go home and say, Honey, im so powerful....aren't you proud of me, and heres my paycheck.

Kini: Today, if you have a child, you better be as sneaky as they come. And, I tell everybody, don't be parading your beautiful child downtown where those agencies are at. It's back to B.C.E. when Herod, the Pagans, and Romans were picking on the child! 

Anonymous: It is mental abuse to all of us, and is putting parents in the graves as well as the children so the government can go on holiday twice a yr. Australia should enjoy the same constitution of freedom as America, you been short changed here, it's not any better than America, least we have a constitution to take to the supreme court. The whole establishment system has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Kini:  I would just love to turn the tables while riding on a horse with a sword searching for their hidden child. I wouldn't even mind sacrificing one of theirs to Molech, if you ask me.

Anonymous:  The alienation of a child ( indoctrinated, brainwashed, estranged ) from natural loving parents, siblings and family is out right child abuse.

Kini:Yes, and probably CIA director John Brennan is scrutinizing all our writing. I don't care North Korea will be here soon and they will all get theirs. As for me, I will be trampled on by Mustang horses. I already have 3 of them so maybe I should stockpile more

Join us in our group discussion with Lukes Army:
Alarm at Soaring Number of Kids in Care...The New Stolen Generation

Lisa Biron, "an ex-associate with a national coalition of anti-gay Christian lawyer" says:
In May 2010, Bill O'Reilly and his wife began living in separate houses less than half a mile from each other on Long Island. In 2011, O'Reilly used his connections with the Nassau County Police Department (and the potential for donations to a nonprofit affiliated with the department) to try to launch an internal affairs investigation into McPhilmy's new boyfriend—a Nassau County detective—for the crime of sleeping with Bill O'Reilly's wife.

While he's busy harassing McPhilmy for asserting the holiness of her second marriage, O'Reilly is trying to deny the existence of his first: He is, Gawker has learned, seeking an annulment of his 15-year marriage, which produced two children. Null and void. Invalid in the eyes of God. Never happened. This despite his manifest belief in the "stability" that straight marriage brings to the culture and concern at the (purportedly) declining marriage rates in countries that allow gay people to marry one another. 

If successful, the annulment would presumably render his 2004 escapade with former producer Andrea Mackris, whom he repeatedly and vividly sexually harassed with threats to take "the falafel thing...and put it on your pussy," retroactively kosher with Jesus.


For whatever her opinion is worth, Equestrian Travel Mall and Legal Services concurs with JustTheTippingPoint: 

The whole family law system is so crooked, it makes the rest of the legal world seem fair and properly judicious, which is a pretty difficult thing to do. The Judges don't give a shit about the kids and are so over-burdened they barely know the facts of each case (not to mention they'll postpone hearings over and over driving up your attorney fees), the custody evaluators are hired whores and do some of the most biased shit you can possibly imagine, the litigants are emotionally-charged assholes incapable of making rational decisions, and the lawyers just take the most expensive route to get their billable hours up (If you can't tell - I fucking hate my job.) 

The worst part is it only takes one person to fucking ruin it for their other spouse. If one person is not being reasonable, there's basically no protections in place (there are sanctions/attorney fee awards, but judges aren't that generous with those).

If you're planning on divorcing - MEDIATE. Give up half your shit, split time with your kids, and move the fuck on. Otherwise, it is going to be the most financially and emotionally devastating decision of your life and you will be absolutely powerless to stop it.

If you are a mature person, consider it one step to get me out of hell. Also see O'Reilly Caught Cheating In Child Custody Battle
Adorable Brazilian Man Stages Flash Mob To Propose To Boyfriend  

This so takes the fear out of visiting foreign countries: I love my people. Their love takes so much fear out of my heart.

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