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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who Does Snow Sports With Their Horses?

I use to until the US Gov decided I can have no friends and can only spend money feeding them for others to enjoy. My job is to lay on the couch, watch t.v., eat Bon Bons, and get fucked by the drunks next door. You should see the filthy mess they made on 2/21/13. Nails everywhere so I can not turn around. My vehicle lost it's reverse kick down band and the punks know I am unable to go into reverse.   We are waiting until the US Government sends me to another mental institution.

Isn't that funny?
The Filth and Destruction Of Mankind
I bought fencing and sound proofing to install on a fence so I don't have to listen to a punk tweak all night long. 

In consideration of my neighbors, I designed a garage so I can work on my vehicle without making a bunch of racket in the neighbors ears .  So, what does the tweak do? He moves his trailer directly behind me so he can make racket and tweak all night long on my fence line.  I just can't seem to put my fence up fast enough before the punks of Klamath Falls destroys something else of mine!

Everybody else gets peace in the neighborhood. No one else is being harassed by other punks in the neighborhood but me. 

They have double the property and they have chose to throw garbage in the direct vicinity of my rental and all over where we drive. Probably nails everywhere!


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