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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed At Your Expense. This Includes Damages.

For all those dead and buried, please don't roll over in your grave after seeing the violations that you died for.

Kini Cosma is a tenant and in lawful possession of a 30 X 50 ft trailer space per park agreement and includes a private parking space.

Tenant, Kerrick (uncertain of true identity), resides in either a small cabover camper or a salvage and wrecked motor home near the close proximity of Cosma's residential trailer. When Cosma first moved there, the first thing she did was request from management permission to section off the area and put a fence around it for privacy and safety reasons. Within first few months Cosma sectioned off a partial area with a portable wooden garage, slowly endeavoring to complete to repair another vehicle.

A few times during July-August 2012, Cosma was busy winterizing her trailer when she looked up and saw what appeared to her to be the guests of Kerrick; a group of rough intimidating hooligans and a homeless man staring intently at her. One younger man approached Cosma at her door using a hoax common-on, asking her if someone lived at her residence. Eventually, Cosma phoned the police who helped disperse the group.

Most encounters by Kerrick and his friends are ignored by Cosma due to the fact that she is a single woman. Once this becomes noticed, she experiences all kinds of hostilities and harassment. After a while Kerrick's guests began to park closer to Cosma's trailer area she uses primarily for her parking at her dwelling unit. There is an immense empty one+ acre field where parking is unlimited and appearing to be at the tenants convenience. On Thursday, November 4, 2012, Cosma asked Kerrick to please not park in her area because she would be blocked in.

On Friday, November 5, 2012, at approximately 8:30 a.m., Cosma was preparing to leave her residence to help a friend at the local public library with his legal case when she noticed that Kerrick deliberately parked in the area Cosma asked him not to park in. Before getting in her vehicle and driving away, Cosma told Kerrick that she would be hiring someone who was to arrive that day to place fence boundaries; his vehicle was in the way and it would need to be moved.

Nevertheless, where a reasonable person would conclude that parking is not normally permitted at all, around 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, the person Cosma hired arrived and Kerrick's vehicle was still in the way. Kerrick had chained his pickup to the salvage and wrecked motor home. The dummy chain was removed and towed a few feet from Cosma's area when she saw a Klamath County Sheriff driving by. Waving him down, the officer proceeded to observe and ask questions about the property and pickup. He indicated to Cosma to do whatever she felt was necessary.

According to ORS §98.810 (2), an unauthorized parking of a vehicle on proscribed property is prohibited without the permission of the owner. Specifically, Kerrick was not to leave or park any vehicle on the proscribed property whether or not there is a sign prohibiting or restricting parking on the proscribed property. Further, if a vehicle has been left or parked in violation of ORS 98.810, just and reasonable charges can be requested. During the course of towing Kerrick's vehicle, Cosma sustained damages to her vehicle amounting to $595 to $600 (See estimates).

Within the last few months that Cosma has resided at the mobile home park, law enforcement has pounded on Cosma's trailer several times during late after dark hours asking for someone named “Cornett” “Kerrick”... Cosma has replied to the officers she fears communicating with the surrounding neighbors due to problem meth use and would like to enjoy a low profile. Management was also aware of a couple of incidents where police were called by Cosma due to Kerrick's loitering guest who were annoying Cosma.

It may appear necessary to report this incident to the DMV as the injuries may proceed to court and increase over the $1500 72-hour reporting limits. However, if management waives a months rent ($185), reminds Kerrick to refrain from creating a hostile environment in the presence of Cosma, abide by some kind of limits and decency rules, Cosma can get on with her living arrangements.


Kini Cosma
P.O. Box 7918
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

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