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Friday, August 31, 2012

What A Bio Mother Goes Through When Her Child Has Been Snatched

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At nine years of age, David Hanks, watched his mother die in a car crash, and spent over a year being tortured in “Witch Trial Adoption Court.” He was stripped of Name, Heritage, Dignity, and Self-Respect, tarred with caustic legalese and feathered with corrected birth certificate paperwork, then reduced to a “Second Class Citizen” without equal rights. 

He feels he has lived his life as a witch in a cage, mocked and tormented while being taken through societies gauntlet to the stake, near his grave.  

This can happen to any child who’s parent dies, or divorces. Changed names and seal birth records effects blood lines and mating choices. What are you roots? Who are you? Where did you come from? Who are you mating with? What are your children like? Are you sure?  This has been done since The Civil War by special interests groups for gain involved with child slave trading courts, promoted by The U.S Gov. damaging children, families, and your future.   

David is working to Equally And Unconditionally Open All Americans Birth Records In Every State. (www.THE-BLUE-PLAGUE.COM)

Here is another talented adoptee, Zara Phillips, who has been to Congress and is very activist for adoptee rights.

Adoption Search-How To Find Your Real Family

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