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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It Gets Better When....

  • You live isolated in a trailer with no septic or utilities.
  • You have to dump your shit and piss from buckets.
  • Your feet and soul are so cold you want to hang yourself.
  • The dirt accumulates in your bed.
  • You get to take a shower once a month.
  • You realize that you can be forcibily evicted even though you paid rent just because someone doesn't like you.
  • The police can be accomplices to an unlawful eviction by terrorizing you to death.
  • The horses you pay to feed and clean up after are being enjoyed by others.
  • You become a bitch because that is what U.S. officials have made of you.
  • People email you who are laughing at your face.
  • All of your efforts to become a productive citizen are thwarted by psychopaths.
  • All that that you had left was your beauty that becomes wretched.
  • All the legal battles that took you 25 years of hard, dedicated work is being enjoyed by everyone else except you.
  • When perverts are allowed to email you to imply, YOU WILL SERVICE AMERICAN MEN!

AARP and IRS Tax Representative Noah Cash straddles your neck with his arms over your shoulders in order to point to information in your booklet. You won't appreciate his pubic hair beard in your hair. Especially, when taking a shower is quite an effort.

When you get singled out by petty psychological abuse that includes being asked to stay after hours until 20 updates downloaded on their computer then being reprimanded that you did not tell them when you walk out. (Another lady left also and she was not reprimanded) Then, deleting your homework to discourage you from taking the required exam to retaliate.

When men act like nothing ever happened, then continue to email you like it was your fault you didn't continue the required course.


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